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Fake Fourantine 2021 Fake Four Livestream Poster

Fake Four Inc. presents an archive of the second year of Fake Fourantine Fest, an all day online livestreamed music festival. At the beginning of the pandemic last year, Fake Four Inc. brought a special lineup to Twitch for the very first time on 4/4/2020 entitled Fake Fourantine Fest, an all day online livestreamed music festival hosted by Chris Conde. On 4/4/2021, Fake Four brought back the festival in the form of Fake Fourantine 2021 with hosting by Niki Anarchy.

Yes, much like ourselves, our comrades at Fake Four label got their own livestream! 2021 version features performances by Deadpan Darling (Ceschi & Televangel of Blue Sky Black Death), Andy The Doorbum, Dope Knife, Squalloscope and many more.

To Fake Four and the crew we say:

Party On

On a Different Note:


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