IWD 2020: More Record Labels Run by Women + Trans/LGBT/Non-Binary Friendly Labels
IWD 2020: More Record Labels Run by Women + Trans/LGBT/Non-Binary Friendly Labels

IWD 2020: More Record Labels Run by Women + Trans/LGBT/Non-Binary Friendly Labels


A couple of years ago we decided it would be great to compile a list of record labels run by women. So we did and somehow it made its way onto the first page of Google.

Even more amazing was finding another list called Future Music Industry that is/was compiled by none other than our old associate Rene Kladzyk aka Ziemba! As description notes, this list is about…

Record Labels, Booking Agencies, Collectives, Media/PR Agencies, Music Presenters, Artist Management & Services, Music Supervisors, Mastering Engineers, Publishers, Music Publications, Radio Shows and Podcasts, Music Lawyers, Music Business Managers & Accountants, and Festivals with people who are WOMEN, NON-BINARY, and/or TRANS in leadership/ key decision-making positions

i.e. very similar to our own list. We highly recommend everyone to click the link above and explore (and/or read corresponding AdHoc.fm piece). In the meantime, here are a few more record labels run by women we discovered via the FMI list (and some we already know, but felt are worth mentioning anyway)….

We also welcome comments/suggestions on any labels we missed.


Amateur Pop (run by Alex & Emily)

AmbrosiA (run by Tiffany Nicole Clark aka Unsay)

Arrowhawk Records (run by Alyssa, Sami and Tori)

Bayonet Records (co-run by Katie Garcia)

Beyond Beyond is Beyond (co-run by Dominique Miniaci)

Biblioteka Records (run by Sofie Mikhaylova)

Bitchwave (run by Lauren Ross / Terra Lopez)

Bubble Bath Records (co-run by Violeta Del Rio)

Chain Letter Collective (co-run by Heather Heywood with Rose Campbell)

Cultivated Sound (co-run by Mara)

Danse Noire (run by Aisha Devi)

Degenerate Trifecta (run by Mrs. Dink)

Dog Park Records (run by Furchick)

Fake Accent (run by Dion McKenzie aka Tygapaw)

Father/Daughter Records (co-run by Jessi Frick)

FATi Records (run by Phoebé Guillemot aka Ramzi)

Femme Culture (run by Elkka)

Fixture Records (co-run by Tessa)

Friendship Fever (co-run by Tess)

Future Audio Graphics (co-run by Meredyth Sparks)

Godmode (co-run by Tanya Elitzer)

GrindEthos (run by Meghann Wright)

Hushlamb (run by Alicia Hush / Sarah Lamb)

Iamsound (run by Niki Roberton)

Jacktone Records (co-run by Doc Sleep)

Lazy Tapes (run by Cera Khin)

London Field Recordings (run by Janine Rainforth)

LV Music (run by Femke Weidema)

Minimal Wave Records (run by Veronica Vasicka)

Mount Analog (run by Mahssa Taghinia)

Naive (run by Violet)

Never Normal Records (run by Suzi Analogue)

New York Trax (run by Nicole Gier)

Next Door Records (run by Meg Parker)

Nicey Music (co-run by Louise Chicoine (Banny Grove))

No Rent Records (co-run by Rose Actor-Engel)

No-Tech (co-run by Ciarra Black)

OK Tapes (run by Amy Garleski)

The Nothing Song (run by Trish Connelly)

On Repeat Records (run by Victoria Hesketh aka Little Boots and Lauren Verge)

Peach Discs (co-run by Shanti Celeste)

Plan B Recordings (co-run by Lola Rephann aka Dakini9)

Planet Euphorique (run by D. Tiffany)

Rainbow Blonde Records (co-run by Talia Billig)

Reckless Yes (co-run by Sarah Lay)

Rice is Nice (co-run by Julia Wilson)

Righteous Babe (run by Ani DiFranco)


Small Labels And The Side Hustle Pt. 1 (via Austin Town Hall)

Micro Get-To-Know: Biblioteka Records (via Counterzine)

Bitchwave Co-Founders Talk New Queer-Friendly Record Label & Premiere La Louma Track: Exclusive Premiere (via Billboard)

Open-Minded And Picky: Bubble Bath Records Brings Together A Community Of Artists (via Offbeat Magazine)

Diverse And Innovative Techno From MaŕA Of Cultivated Sound (via Magnetic Magazine)

How A New York Producer Is Creating A Platform For Queer Caribbean Artists (via Fader)

New York Trax (via The Brvtalist)

Meaghan Parker, Marketing Manager at Outside Music/Next Door Records (via Megaphono)

Mix by Ciarra Black on Discwoman


Female Pressure


Get In Her Ears

She Shreds Magazine


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