Radio Shows // Cosmic Church of I Heart Noise – Ep. 13
Radio Shows // Cosmic Church of I Heart Noise – Ep. 13

Radio Shows // Cosmic Church of I Heart Noise – Ep. 13

New episode of our very own radio show! Broadcasting via CAMP Radio (France) every 3 weeks.


Skyjelly – Ibrahim
Solilians – I Have Been, And Always Shall Be, Your Friend
Oxbow – Gal
worriedaboutsatan – John McGinn Versus Norwich (Box)
Landlady – Western Divide
Patricia Brennan – Improvisation III (Valley of Search)
Guiding Light – Oh My My (Eggs in Aspic / Bleeding Gold)
Algae & Tentacles – Fire Song
lovesliescrushing – tinkerwench (Projekt)
Beauty Pill – Not For Me, For Them
Petridisch – Choo-Choo! (Sour Orange)
Bill Horist – Dislocation Services (Cudighi Records)
William Carlos Whitten – In My Borsalino, Pointing a Revolver
Brian Eno – Under Stars
Hattie Cooke – Riot (Spun Out of Control)
Kathy Leisen – Lawnmower (Syncro Systems)
Amy Cutler – Psaltery in Traffic Jam (Misophonia)
Disco Sam – Disco Power
Neuro No Neuro – Slice of Mind
Violet Nox – Selene
Ruth Garbus – Strash (Orindal)
Arthur Russell – This Is How We Walk On The Moon
Ahleuchatistas – If, Whenever (Cuneiform)
Matthew J. Rolin – Siren (Feeding Tube)
Yancy – Physical Education
Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek – Botuto (Faitiche)
FACS – Present Tense (Trouble in Mind)
Karima Walker – Softer (Orindal / Keeled Scales)
Psychic Hotline – Spider Queen (Disciples)
LUCY – Believe
Clara Engel & Bradley Sean Alexander – Wing (Polar Seas)
Low – Poor Sucker (Sub Pop)
Genetic Effects – Echo Lalia
Daniel Davies – Beasts of L.A. (Sacred Bones)
Witch Camp (Ghana) – Love, Please (Six Degrees)
Егор Летов – Офелия


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