Q&A with Very Small Album Review & Hallelujah the Hills
Q&A with Very Small Album Review & Hallelujah the Hills

Q&A with Very Small Album Review & Hallelujah the Hills

I Heart Noise recently teamed up with Denver, CO based Very Small Album Review in order to deliver a new twist on the old music writing!
IHRTN picks one album and asks questions to VSAR who, in turn, provide their own and abstract take on the record of choice! See the corresponding twitter thread here
For our first session we picked A Band is Something to Figure Out – latest from Boston band Hallelujah the Hills who celebrated 10th birthday in 2016

Given the band passed its 10th birthday late last year, we suppose there’s a reasonable expectation Hallelujah The Hills should know what it is doing at this point. But that does not dull the dazzle and delight of the smart and agile A Band Is Something To Figure Out, which song-for-song is the band’s best outing to date. Its 11 tunes cast fronter Ryan Walsh’s engaging studies of the quirks of our shared reality — the weird truths in plain sight that we can’t or won’t see — within rock frameworks that reliably stretch to accommodate subversive, irreverent impulses. Mr. Walsh’s literate, carnival barker vocals balloon with substance, and offer occasional winking acknowledgements at the show business of it all.
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Q: How do you figure out a band? What does it takes?
A: You’ve gotta get the facts: 1. Who plays what instrument? 2. Whats everyone’s fave band? 3. What snacks does everyone like?
Q: What do the people want?
A: The people want the Loch Ness Monster to be real, they want pizza to be free, they want to be able to time travel
Q: How does it feels to be a part of the light brigade?
A: When u are a part of the light brigade ur arms become lightning & u get to wear a glowing hat & u POWER UP by being 2 cool
Q: What kind of a mountain would want more?
A: A mountain with GIANT EARS that’s listened 2 all of Small Albums fave trackswould want more of our fave tracks to listen to
Q: Would you date the girl with the electronics inside?
A: I think that girl’s name is “Siri” who works at Apple and she would be a perfect match for my pal C-3PO
Q: How do you spin them atoms?
A: Science is real
Q: Should you be afraid of being in the phone book?
Being in the phone book means you’ve “made it.” It’s kind of the Hollywood Walk of Fame for normal citizens. Be proud
Q: How many loops does it takes to get to the center of the record?
A: It’s like the rings of a tree, how long the record is  divided by how old the songs are , = your answer. Simple Math
Q: Is tassel worth the hassle?
A: Advice: Being hassled is never good. If you feel hassled in life, go outside, look for Bald Eagles, eat ice cream
Q: New phone or old phone?
A: We are waiting for a future phone where when people call you the person appears as a hologram projected out of the phone
Q: HTH claims that the dangers are doubled. What do we do to ensure that there’s less danger?
A: 3 steps to less danger: 1. Avoid Nu Metal. 2. Don’t befriend scorpions. 3. Never hike a volcano.
Q: What is the most the most realistic birthday music ever made?
A: A field recording of a slice of cake on a skateboard singing Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration” with sunglasses on
Q: How does this album feels, smells and tastes to you?
A: Feel: sitting down when you’re lightheaded
Smell: cleaning out an attic
Taste: quarter machine sour candy

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