Post-Independence Marathon – New Music from Florida
Post-Independence Marathon – New Music from Florida

Post-Independence Marathon – New Music from Florida

We’re continuing our virtual travels across the US in search of new and exciting sounds and this time our eyes and ears are on Florida! Jump into PIM archives in order to hear more music from across the USA.


Not is the only band called Sales, but their debut is also called Sales. And how in the world are you supposed to Google that?

Googlability of their name aside, music on Sales LP (by Sales the band) is undeniably cool. Its the sort of thing you put on when you cat died, your wife left you and you were fired from your job (hopefully not all at the same time). Its also an alternative to hiring a psychotherapist – the kind of music that soothes you and provides the invisible hug when you need it the most.

Gouge Away

Rusty Cage

Two bands (presumably) named after two songs from late 80s/early 90s (Pixies and Soundgarden, respectively) – both hailing from Florida. Beyond the names, however, there’s little to suggest the connection with either band – Christina from GA sounds as if she’s constantly spitting out poisoned blood, while Rusty Cage does a mish-mash of styles with lyrical themes being cannibalism, insanity and other fun matters.

The Mercury Program

Story of this quartet goes back all the way to the late 90s when they produced a series of albums for now defunct Boxcar Records and Tiger Style. Currently signed to Lovitt Records, the band keeps pushing on with their distinct brand of post-rock reminiscent of Norwegians Jaga Jazzist (think vintage synths, electric pianos and vibraphones).


“Feel Great”, the latest from this Floridian crew (comprised of members of sludge heavyweight Torche/Kylesa), is intentionally designed to make you feel anything but. This is classic AmRep worship through and through – part Unsane, part Helmet with gnarly grooves flying at you from all sides.

H.R. Gertner

There might not be a lot of Country/Americana featured in PIM roundups, but its certainly not for the lack of trying. When something is done well, its done well, regardless of the genre and such is certainly the case with “Needs and Wants”, latest from H.R. Gertner. Bringing to mind both Wilco and Johnny Cash, the songs on that record are absolutely brimming with passion, even with lyrical subjects being of mostly darker variety.

Dan Mason

There’s vaporwave and then there’s vaporwave. Vaporwave, much like any other genre, gets a bad rep due to a host of poor imitators and bandwagon riders, but the vaporwave that Dan Mason produces certainly seems on a more a creative side of things, which is why it gets hearty thumbs of approval from us!



Andy Boay

In our roundup of CT bands we mentioned Landing, those fearless explorers of all things drone/space rock/ambient textures. Well, turns out that down in Florida there’s this duo with an unpronounceable name that is equally obsessed with creating/exploring strange alien sounds and textures. They are brothers Edwin and Andy – and their band’s output (about 17 albums at this point) is as fascinating as their solo material.
To say that Ye by Eola (aka Edwin) is a bold artistic statement is not to say much. Listening to his work is akin to being present at a spiritual seance / communicating with the spirits of those long gone – an experience unlike any other.
Andy’s solo work is not as far out as Eola’s output, but its still far from being conventional – an interdimensional trip involving heavily processed vocals and guitar. Heady jamz for those dark dayz.

Boston Marriage

They’re not from Boston and no idea what the term Boston Marriage means (if anything), but none of it matters, because listening to BMs “Rachel in the Dark Room” brings to mind all the better examples of early 90s alt rock. The strongest part here is vocals – the same ethereal/ghostly kind that made you want to listen to The Sundays, Mazzy Star or Luscious Jackson again and again.


Mr. Eazy and Mr. Baked are two brothers who constantly talk about dimensions – judging by their bio they firmly place themselves in the 4th. It may as well be a numberless one / a dimension of its own – they may not sound much like Chemical Brothers, but the experience of listening to Forward EP is not unlike discovering Exit Planet Dust as a teen – you feel the same sense of wonder about the weird sounds contained within.


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