P for Persia – Coral Canyon (Review)
P for Persia – Coral Canyon (Review)

P for Persia – Coral Canyon (Review)

This is the second release from this unsigned Brighton, instrument-swapping, four piece and it’s a delight.
Taking in a comfortably eclectic array of styles, this self-produced effort displays a musical confidence that should see them chased by a host of labels. In fact, scratch that, it may be better for them if they weren’t, on the strength of this release as they shouldn’t be interfered with at all and allowed to continue develop at their own pace – it doesn’t seem to be doing them any harm.
Opening with the ZXSpectrum-sonics- meets-Battles of “Call of the Nudibranch”, the album takes on the issue of evolution (Turtles all the Way Down). “Gandharva Loka” sounds like Pinky and Perky fronting a drunken angry Bhundu Boys. The electronica / thrash melding displayed in “Prehistoric Bubble” display a willingness to experiment that recalled Babyland at points to this reviewer. “Dreamboat” could have escaped from Wire’s recent release-no bad thing at all. “Anchors Aweigh” opens in Slint territory and closes in a digital wasteland. The title track is an amalgam of wonky Orbital and Halloween, Alaska with the album’s most personal vocal delivery. It’s an engaging track. One of the album highlights. The final track “Shangri-La” rattles along at a fair old lick to a suitably eclectic, but satisfying finish.
Arguably the vocals could be mixed higher, and call me old fashioned, but I’d like to be able to make out what’s being sung about with such verve. However, the musical imagination on display more than covers such concerns.
Coral Canyon is a confident and enjoyable listen, worth anyone’s time. This band deserves a bigger following and if more people get hear this release, they may just get one.
Note – check out the band’s ¬†Soundcloud page.

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