Other People's Thoughts – Brainwashed, BOAWS and more!
Other People's Thoughts – Brainwashed, BOAWS and more!

Other People's Thoughts – Brainwashed, BOAWS and more!

Selection of recent headlines from some of IHRTN’s favorite music resources on the net.
AEM141 Clear Plastic Masks | Ampeater Streams the new Uncles Record “m4w”
AEM140 Slow Motion Centerfold | AEM139 All Fox
The Ash Gray Proclamation
Short Bursts :: A Classic Education |  New Sounds Now :: Slowdim – Money
Transmissions :: Blur – Under The Westway | Reviewed :: Butterknife – Do The Needful
Anti-Gravity Bunny
Sujo – Diaspora | Sunhammer – A Dream In Blood 
C. Yantix – Box Elder, A Cold Scholar Amour & Discipline
Bradley’s Almanac
 [LP Preview/DVD Review/EP Giveaway] MARK KOZELEK 
[Future Faves?] Anticipated 2012 Album Releases
Black To Comm – Earth | Colin Potter – Ancient History | Monolake – Ghosts
Kevin Tomkins – Pachinko Noise, Short Electronic Pieces
Built On A Weak Spot
The Uptights – At The Worthersee Hotel | The Chrome Cranks – Ain’t No Lies In Blood
FNU Ronnies – Saddle Up LP |  R.I.P. John Grabski III // Teeth – The Strain
Clicky Clicky Music
Today’s Hotness: Young Prisms, Violens, Speedy Ortiz | Youtube Rodeo: Good Dangers’ “DFYF”
New Music Night 5 with DJs Brad Almanac + Jay Clicky Clicky | River Gods | 22 March
Letters From A Tapehead
The Inbox Giveth: Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace | My Daddy’s a DJ
What I Heard This Morning: Sleep Maps | Sleep: Dopesmoker Gets Reissued
Parasites and Sycophants
Tanlines:: “All Of Me” | Ceremony:: “Adult” | Skipping Girl Vinegar:: “Chase The Sun”
The Styrofoam Drone
Protomartyr – Dreads 85 84 7″ | Love Handles – Handled 7″
Young Mammals – Landlady 7″ | Ancient Sky – T.R.I.P.S. 

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