(On the) Spectrum: Red – Artist Bios – Pt. 1
(On the) Spectrum: Red – Artist Bios – Pt. 1

(On the) Spectrum: Red – Artist Bios – Pt. 1

Our second “pay what you want” compilation is here! “(On the) Spectrum: Red” is a follow-up to our Winter 2019 Sampler and as the title attests includes music by artists on the spectrum/creatives with autism. We’re celebrating the Autism Awareness Month in style, so come join us.

Seeds of the compilation were sown back in 2016, when Chris Bynes (aka Lightning Pill / Mynameisblueskye) approached IHN with the idea of putting together a release featuring artists on the spectrum. The original compilation did not survive, but fret not as this new release puts together both original submissions and new ones – Version 2.0 of the original, if you will.
Its time to go over first half of the compilation and talk about the artists that contributed. And speaking of contributions – we would like to say “thank you” to Dubbed Tapes, How to Fight Records and Whettman Chelmets for their support. Pay a dollar, pay two or just help spread the word – it all makes a difference to us and the artists featured on “Red”.

Ergo Phizmiz


Ergo Phizmiz – sound artist living in Isle of Wight, operating from his own studio called Sh/Orwell.
Label(s): Freuq Et Repreuq / Discrepant / Soleilmoon / Proot Records
Depresstival – Accidentally caustic antifolk-er/classical pianist/philosophy advocate.
Song: Waleryan Borowzcyk is Dead
Label(s): Unsigned / Independent
Further Reading: Upitup Records | The Wire | Ubuweb | People Like Us

The Angel Makers

A two-piece Alternative rock band from Colchester, UK.
Shauna Kelly // Vox, Guitar
Rob Davey// Guitars
Isaac Harvey // Drums

Song: Right and Wrong
Label: Unsigned / Independent
Further Reading: IndieForBunnies

Toby Crawdad

Song: Deskjet
Solo project of Carter Drost – visit his Soundcloud page to hear more songs.
Label(s): Unsigned / Independent

Jesse Lemont

Multi-instrumentalist | Recordings, videos, art | Play drums/alto sax w/ D-Branes, currently. Splicey & Tracky is another collaboration | Passionate about posting Derivs-Friendly music (cc-by-nc-sa & cc-by-nc licenses, mostly) | Music = my first language!
Glitch-Jazz would be my current assessment. Or…GlitchDroneDrums? Not positive on what it is. Avant(Glitch)Garde? Hmm… Whatever it is, there is generally percussion. Sometimes vacuum cleaners, though.

Song: Two – Rain Broadcast
Label(s): Stomoxine Records
See also: Geodes
Further Reading: Shepherd Express | Woodland Pattern

Longwave Radio

Clive McCann-Williams – Production and beard stroking.

Some tracks contain samples from freesound.org

Song: Shadow of a Doubt
Label(s): Independent / Unsigned

Heidi Mortenson

Electronic composer and producer who lives in the woods in Scandinavia.

Song: Flash Back
Label(s): RUMP Recordings / Voodoo Echo
Listen to guest mix that Heidi compiled for Female Pressure
Further Reading: Resident Advisor | Noisey | Forced Exposure | Brooklyn Vegan

Ashley Keep

Song: Dilate
Label(s): Unsigned / Independent

Anthony Rochester

AR reminds Radio Khartoum of Eggstone circa 1993: coming out of nowhere (Tasmania is Mr. Rochester’s home) with a gorgeous sound; and almost completely unaware of the bands you would name when attempting to describe the music. So how did RK discover the Tasmanian? Why, through the Norwegians, naturally. Christoffer from Nice System/Remington Super 60 and Christer from Micromars put together a compilation to document the young Norwegian scene…making Anthony into an honorary Norseman in the process.
Radio Khartoum
RIYL: Jens Lekman, the Simple Carnival, breezy AM-radio pop
Darla Records

Song: Burkholderia
Label(s): Radio Khartoum / Series Two Records / Edition 59 / Jigsaw
Further Reading: Austin Town Hall | Triple J Unearthed


Fuzzed out lo-fi indie pop / absurdist noise folk from Bath, Somerset. Solo project of Nathan Howard.

Song: I Have Left My Body in Outer Space
Label(s): Mount Seldom Records
Further Reading: Various Small Flames | Strictly No Capital Letters

Moony Moon

Solo project of Brazilian musician Enzo Aprile (Fishface, Insert Title Here). Enzo also contributed to Who Killed Ralph – an ongoing series of compilations that include Residents covers / songs inspired by Residents.
Song: Life on the Moon
Label(s): Unsigned / Independent


Song: Electronica
One of many projects of the ever-busy Noah Britton (Asperger’s Are Us, The Best Thing Ever, Field of Sheep, Request Freebird, Amanda Palmer) who splits his time between writing music/performing and teaching college.
Watch his TED Talk entitled “Autism: give me a chance and I will change everything”.
Further Reading: Heroes of Autism | BU Today | Boston Hassle


Dan Bull

Vitiate – Hip-Hop artist turned audio engineer, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Enjoy the art.
Label(s):  Gold Minded Records / Vitiated Records
Dan Bull – Daniel G. L. “Dan” Bull (born 27 March 1986 in Bromsgrove, England) is an English rapper and songwriter known best for his raps about video games, which he publishes on his YouTube channel.
Song: Awe-tistic
Label(s): Freshnut Records
Further Reading: BoingBoing | Forbes | Is This Music?

Mosst Ghost

like ‘moss’ but with a ‘t’ on the end

Song: Let You
Solo project of Canadian musician Eric Makwich. Beyond “Let You” there’s also a very interesting Waitsian cover of Thrice song “Beggars” + one original available through Bandcamp.

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