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Red Barked Tree is the twelfth studio album from UK art-punks Wire (and its also a follow-up to their 2009 “Object 47” LP).
According to press release

The album “rekindles a lyricism sometimes absent from Wire’s previous work and reconnects with the live energy of performance, harnessed and channeled from extensive touring over the past few years” and that the songs “range from the hymnal ‘Adapt’ to the barking sledgehammer art-punk of ‘Two Minutes’, the album encompasses the full palette of style and nuance that has always endeared Wire to pastel-tinged pop aficionados and bleeding-edge avant-rockers alike.”

Please Take
Now Was
Two Minutes (MP3)
Bad Worn Thing
Note – You can check out 1-minute samples from each song on the album via Pink Flag official site.

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