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The Scissor Girls The Scissor Girls LP

From 1991 – 1996, the Scissor Girls reigned as the most jarring, intense, and unpredictable band, the centerpiece of the “Chicago no wave” scene. Their recorded legacy (two LPs, a 10”, and a handful of 7”s) is all highlights, but nothing else sounds quite as friendless and focused as these very first recordings. Seven pin-sharp, searing, precise songs.

Yes – The Scissor Girls (whom we profiled way back when) are back…sort of. California label JABS is putting out a vinyl version of their 1992 handmade demo tape!

Now some of you might ask (understandably, given that the band’s original run ended in the late 90s) – just who are they? And the best answer is captured somewhere within this little clip from Chic A Go Go Cable TV show that captured TSG in all of its freaky glory (as a side note – the band is not related to Scissor Sisters, just in case anyone wondered).

Meredith Stern of Justseeds Collective described the band’s music as intense/unique and we have to wholeheartedly agree on both counts. The herky-jerky rhythms/vocals and the fashion choices make this into one hell of a strange, but fascinating party.

The vinyl pressing of the demo is limited to 500 copies and you can listen to/stream the whole thing via Bandcamp.

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