New Music Releases – Celan – Halo
New Music Releases – Celan – Halo

New Music Releases – Celan – Halo

Celan Halo

Label: Exile On Mainstream

Format: CD

A common musical ground does not ultimately require coming from the same scene or style. Celan was conceived of in early 2008 when Ari Benjamin Meyers (of Redux Orchestra and Einstuerzende Neubauten) and Chris Spencer (Unsane, Cutthroats 9) met in a bar in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. Initially it was intended as a collaboration between a classically trained composer and someone who had been working and touring in a noise/rock band for years. This album, titled Halo is Rock! It touches the genre to its core and channels pure emotion into sounds as thick and massive that one could only wish for, yet fascinating how Ari Benjamin Meyers skills stand up to the blistering noise blast created by the rest of the band. And here we are: Halo is the debut album of Celan – a band you can pigeon-hole at your own risk and categorize as noise, rock, avant-hardcore or whatever you like to call it.

First full-length from a band that includes Niko Wenner (Oxbow), Chris Spencer (Unsane), Franz Xavier / Phil Roeder ( and Ari Benjamin Meyers (Redux Orchestra).

Tracklist: Safely Recall Notice / A Thousand Charms / All This And Everything / One Minute / Sinking / Weight Tag / Washing Machine / Train Of Thought / It’s Low / Wait And See / Lunchbox


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