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Brand new album from Bad Sector – a project of Italian musician Massimo Magrini. It came out on German label Power & Steel.
1. 1969-11-12T10:41:11+01:00 – Rooms (MP3)

2. 1971-06-18T11:10:24+01:00 – Wings
3. 1973-10-22T16:38:19+01:00 – Trees (MP3)
4. 1976-05-05T10:32:41+01:00 – Desks
5. 1977-12-25T07:22:32+01:00 – Bells
6. 1987-10-18T16:10:44+01:00 – Hands
7. 1987-10-25T22:05:37+01:00 – Beats
8. 2001-07-29T22:31:16+01:00 – Peaks
9. 1996-06-22T22:51:52+01:00 – Duets (MP3)
10. 2006-07-02T22:40:43+01:00 – Beeps
11. 1995-12-20T21:34:32+01:00 – Leaks
12. 1979-04-14T10:24:02+01:00 – Gifts (MP3)
Bad Sector: Official SiteFacebook
Loki Foundation: Soundcloud | Twitter
See also: Stigmata Magazine (russian)

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