New Music Releases – October 2020: Pt. 2
New Music Releases – October 2020: Pt. 2

New Music Releases – October 2020: Pt. 2

Talking about new music that came out in October – again! See part 1 of the roundup here and/or check our archives to discover even more music.


Mami Chan Band – MAMI CHAN BAND live! (Test Recordings)

French/Japanese experimental art-pop rescued from oblivion by Andrew Sharpley

via Steep Gloss

Bad Electric – Rhythm (Music Is The Devil Records)

Rhythm has you in mind. It’s electric…It’s Bad Electric – Kate Bosworth

Arvalastra – The Key to the Shrine of Putrefaction (Knekelput)

no guitar, twin bass, hypnotically doomy black metal.

Dusk is back once more on Knekelput with Arvalastra, a hypnotizing blend of atmospheric black metal and doom, driven by the same primitive energy we’ve gotten to know from him with his previous release on our label with Saguzar.

via meatbreak

Pepo Galán – Soledad (Stereoscenic Records)

I invite you to listen to my new album. Take a walk through the eighties, at my aunt Soledad’s house. On the same beach.

Gavriel – In The Worlde (Self Released)

This album is just Gabriel Eduardo saying, “Windows96 is cool and all, but I’m about to make something that’ll blow your mind.”

via SoulCraft

SpÖoÖoky Steve / J.AA.NN split (Imploding Sounds)

Imploding Sounds #242 SPÖoÖoKY STEVE / J.AA.NN split c12. 8 minutes of pure brootality on a 12 min tape!

Terms – Asbestos Mouth (Skin Graft Records)

On their debut album “Asbestos Mouth” the band TERMS give equal weight to tightly composed precision and spontaneous discovery, weaving together bold new worlds where crunchy dissonant riffs and pulverant, skewed melodies collide and consort with syncopated thunderstorms of percussion. Having served in acts such as Grand Ulena, Jitters and Yowie, TERMS is much more than just the sum of its parts.

via Gargotheron

Dorcha – Honey Badger (Box Records)

a Jungian prog-rock opera, incorporating disco, Krautrock, grunge and just the merest hint of Cleo Lane – God is in the TV

Cult Graves – Strange Customs (Transylvanian Tapes)

Barbaric Black Death Metal from San Jose, California.

Mucker – Mr. Soft (Box Records)

Here’s a couple of bits I did during lockdown.

They’re pretty much in a demo state. I figured they could either sit on my laptop and inevitably end up deleted or I could share.

If you like creepy synths you might find some enjoyment.

Cheers, Matt

David Boulter – Yarmouth (Clay Pipe Music)

David is a founder member of Tindersticks and the record is inspired by childhood holidays to Gt Yarmouth

Read an interview with David via Concrete Islands

The Revenant Sea – Gallery (MuteAnt Sounds)

An airy and fleeting departure from Wizards Tell Lies (@ForestofDark) Gallery by The Revenant Sea lands in an quasi-ambient time warp of unbound time and uncharted space. Empty Oceans in a vast wasteland.

Coloring Book – Sand In My Shoes (Queenie, 1994)

Decided to put my old band’s record online for the very first time. Dreamy guitar pop, feat James Kavoussi (Uncle Wiggly) and Hamish Kilgour (The Clean) on drums.

Jen Matson via Adam Grimord-Isham

Luke Stewart & Tashi Dorji – S/T (Self Released)

Luke Stewart – Electric Bass
Tashi Dorji – Electric Guitar

J Fisher – THEJEREMYFISHER (Deathbomb Arc)

J Fisher’s passion for meticulous, delicate sounds is equally matched by his giant vision for an entire sonic world. When making his Deathbomb Arc debut as a part of the Deathbomb Showcase: Global, he didn’t just simply do a live performance. J Fisher created an entire episode of his own tv show. Here on his debut album, this vision is finally presented in full for all to enter and explore. This is a true testimony to the power of bedroom hip hop: no limitations except one’s own imagination.

Netta Goldhirsch – Love Doesn’t Exist (Wormhole World)

Israeli avant garde artist Nettta Goldhirsch unleashes her full length debut album, “Love Doesn’t Exist”.

A chance meeting, and subsequent collaboration with UK musician/songwriter/producer Pete Murphy resulted in this 25 song collection, which showcases Netta’s incredible voice and impassioned songwriting.

Scuba – This is for You Remixes (Hotflush Recordings)

A trio of remixes from Luke Slater’s studio give new life to Scuba’s ‘This Is For You’, while marking the influential artist’s Hotflush debut.

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