Music Festivals // Supersonic 2010
Music Festivals // Supersonic 2010

Music Festivals // Supersonic 2010

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Supersonic Festival is an an annual event held at the Custard Factory in Birmingham, UK. This year’s line-up of the festival was called “near-criminally excellent” by the Quietus. Some of the performers this year include:

Napalm Death / Godflesh / Swans / Melt-Banana / People Like Us / Lichens / Cave (among many others)

Michael Rother’s (Neu!) supergroup Halogallo will also make an appearance at the festival:

“I´m thrilled to return to Supersonic this year with my new live project Hallogallo 2010. We will present some favourite music by NEU!, Harmonia and from my solo albums. I look forward to Supersonic this year because two great musicians and friends are joining me in Hallogallo 2010: Steve Shelley (drummer of Sonic Youth) and Aaron Mullan (guitar player of Tall Firs). Expect some fast-forward movement!” – Michael Rother, Hallogallo 2010/NEU!

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