More Details On Upcoming IHRTN Compilations!
More Details On Upcoming IHRTN Compilations!

More Details On Upcoming IHRTN Compilations!

As you may or may not know, 4 new digital compilations are being assembled at IHRTN right now.
At the end of each month (May, June, July, August), a couple of new tracks from each compilation will be unveiled. Final versions of all compilations will arrive on Sep. 1st.
In the meantime, check out details for upcoming compilations:
Gone In 60 Seconds Vol. 2 – Sequel to Gone In 60 Sec. – a compilation of 1-minute tracks.
Participants: CheapmachinesMarax | Unsacred Hearts | Boogie Monster
Boston Not LA Vol. 2 – Sequel to Boston Not LA – a compilation of music by local bands
Participants: Destroy Babylon | RIBS | Uranium Daughters
Theory Of Everything – Compilation with no theme/subject.
Participants: Phone Home | Telethon | Ted Bundy’s Volkswagen | Old World Vulture | Hopewell |  Glorie
Songs I Like To Sing – Compilation of covers
Participants: Squarehead | Ben Houge | Harvey Girls | Marax | Guanoman
Other Details
Deadline for all compilations: Sep. 1st
Length of Tracks: Anything under 10 minutes (except for “Gone In 60 Sec. Vol. 2”)
Genres: Any (although experimental/post-rock/ambient is preferred)
Send your tracks either to my mailbox ( or IHRTN dropbox.
Also – your help in art department might be needed! Check out “Call For Visual Entries” for more info.
And check out this cartoon teaser that was created with GoAnimate!


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