Mixtape – Bands of Hassle Fest 7 (VII)
Mixtape – Bands of Hassle Fest 7 (VII)

Mixtape – Bands of Hassle Fest 7 (VII)

Hassle Fest 7 is upon us – its happening TODAY (and goes all the way into Friday and Saturday)!
Thursday 11/5 doors are @ 6pm
Friday 11/6 doors are @ 5pm
Saturday 11/7 doors are at 2pm
The early birds gets the worm, or rather gets to pick of a record from the vast archives of records sent in by Boston Hassle favorite record labels!
In the meantime, here’s one last look at performers playing Cambridge Elks Lodge and Brighton Music Hall starting today!
Gauche – although they were compared to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime and Weezer in the past, our ears caught none of the those influences on Get Away With Gauche, debut album from this Washington DC trio. What you get instead is mounds of herky-jerky/start-stop rhythms, stream-of-consciousness lyrics and plenty of laidback attitude. Think less deconstructionist/less primitive version of The Shaggs delivering the ruckus.

Pucker Up – previously known as Buttercup (thinly veiled Duke Nukem reference hidden somewhere in there) is a duo of Nathan Ventura (Long Walks and Dirty Socks blog) and Lee Haplin. As New England Deli points out:

Pucker Up conjures Hunter S. Thompson in the desert at 3 AM, tripping on mescaline, eating dusty spiders. The electric guitar sometimes sounds like a buzzsaw and usually like a string is about to break, the standup bass rocks harder than The Jesus Lizard, the drums sound like flattened cardboard boxes, and the unpretentious, distorted vocals sing bizarre tales of loneliness and going to sleep crying to Michael Hurley.

Lesser Knowns – this New Bedford, Mass quartet seemingly ate a steady diet of alternative rock instead of their cheerios every morning. The results spilled out into their debut EP What You Wanna Do – fun, energetic rock-n-roll record that brings to mind anyone from Pixies to Dino Jr (just like the band’s bio promised).

Sadist – Not to be confused with Italian metal band of the same name (or any other band named Sadist, for that matter), multiple t-shirts bearing the logo of this Boston band were spotted around Boston Hassle headquarters recently. This Sadist trades in dirty, crusty, loud and (sometimes frightently and obnoxiously) noisy punk’n’roll, as evident by their most recent Shadow of the Swastika EP:

Pure Matrix – Solo project of NYC musician Daniel J. Moore whose music was compared to that of fellow Brooklyn dweller Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never) by Impose Magazine. Drain EP that Impose reviewed is just one in the slew of records that Moore put out in 2015 – if the cover doesn’t turn you off, you’re read to go inside.
From synthesized bubbles circling around Impotence Reigns to audible tension of Blood Rituals,  none of the 4 tracks on the EP seem to be particularly friendly or kind to strangers, but if dark ambient/industrial is your thing, you’ll find plenty to feed on in Moore’s work.

Serengeti – If you thought that rap and mustaches don’t mix, think again. Kenny Dennis (aka Serengeti) not only demonstrates a spectactular mustache on all photo shots, but also brings heavy flows worthy of Chuck D and Rakim on Georgio – the first track off of You Can’t Run From The Rhythm LP.
According to Joyful Noise Recordings, Serengeti as a cross between Ron Swanson, a Bill Swerski superfan, and the best Golden Age rapper that you never heard.

Unicorn Hard-On – this charmingly titled project is a solo project of Providence, RI Valerie Martino (also one half of Salt Swan with Kevin Cunningham/Lazer Slut). According to one particularly angry/disappointed Rate Your Music reviewer, the contents of UH-O 2005 Charming Harmer can be described as

At times glitchy, at times casio-pop, some boring answering machines. All lo-fi garbage noise with zooooowooooo zooooowoooooo zoooowooooo zooooowoooo burns mesh crusty speaker/cruddy speaker crackle.

Ben Hersey – According to Poetry Foundation website, Ben is a Western Massachusetts poet and performer, who seems to have everyone from the Four Horsemen to Steve Benson to Andy Kaufman in his pocket. Take a look at the video of Ben’s angry performance at the last year’s Hassle Fest shot by Hassle’s own Ethan M. Long:

Homeworld – last but not least is this project of Open Loop boss (and occasional Boston Hassle contributor) Will Mayo (aka DJ Won’t). Listen to his drony live electronic set below.

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