Mixes // Rabbit Hole 2
Mixes // Rabbit Hole 2

Mixes // Rabbit Hole 2

More rabbit holes for everyone to explore! Once again, we’re celebrating the music and work of Solilians and Skyjelly, subjects of the first two volumes in our In the Running series!

Rabbit Hole #1 can be found here.


Intro – Countess will be furious!
Skyjelly – Seein It
Solilians – There is no Michigan
Beat Radio – Ocean (Totally Real)
Barbara Morgenstern – Angel’s Whisper
Dummy – Mono Retriever (Sub Pop)
Helena Celle – I’m Done with 666 (Night School)
Jana Irmert – Dust is the Rust of Time
Kurt von Stetten – Anthropos Elafi
Mei Semones – Ippo
Sean Clancy – Sigh
The Girls – Please Don’t Be Weird
The Modern Folk – Brightwood, Yellow Pine (WarHen)
Violet Nox – Spaceport 5
We Are Joiners – Levitation (feat. Snake Lips)
Wiley Soule – Come, We Like Kaiju Vermin
Yoni Den – hvfi
Echo Response – BIFAR
ragenap – 04.16.2021 (reprise) (American Dreams)
KITIMOTO – Time Saved (Fort Lowell)
Russian Circles – Conduit (Sargent House)


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