Mixes // NYCNY
Mixes // NYCNY

Mixes // NYCNY

(New York love me) so good, so good
(New York love me) keep my head up
(NY love me) NYC, I see
(NY why me) am I NY?
Written in the air
Written on return
Nowhere bright as here nowhere else
Written in the air
Written on return
Stones and fever dreams nothing else…
NYC see ya real soon

Named after Daryl Hall / Robert Fripp collaboration of the same name NYCNY is a mix celebrating all things Brooklyn! We’ll start off with tracks by all the artists playing our upcoming IHN Fest at Pete’s Candy Store and then will go all the way around town and maybe even as far as Boston and New England. Dive in!


1 I Have Been, and Always Shall Be, Your Friend by Solilians
2 I’m Gonna Take The Day for Granted by Skyjelly
3 In Dark Water by Marisa Anderson
4 Raw Food by Wet Tuna
5 Key of Caesar by More Klementines
6 North Dakota by I Feel Tractor
7 Spectral Forces by Peaking Colors
8 Creep Mission by David Grubbs
9 Orange (Radio Version) by Honeychild Coleman with Molecule
10 Solar by Patricia Brennan
11 A Spoke in the Miracle Wheel by Cerca
12 Western Divide by Landlady
13 A Bird And A Phone Call Mistaken by Miserable chillers
14 Transition by J&L Defer
15 Fashion School by Honey Cutt
16 Don’t Stand So Close To Me (The Police) by Dan Friel
17 Isolation (The Illest) by PICTUREPLANE
18 Ego Death by We Are Joiners
19 Peloton by Late Cambrian
20 Pardon Our Dust by Beauty Pill
21 bell by Noah Wall
22 The Future (Leonard Cohen Cover) by Guiding Light


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