Melvins Special – More Details On Karp Documentary
Melvins Special – More Details On Karp Documentary

Melvins Special – More Details On Karp Documentary

The story of a long-delayed documentary on Karp is finally coming to a (happy) end – Kill All Redneck Pricks: A Documentary Film About A Band Called Karp will be shown at this year’s Supersonic Festival.
Karp (short for “Kill All Redneck Pricks”) was a quintessential small-town band – formed in Tumwater, Washington in the early 90s, the band signed to K Records and recorded numerous full-lengths, EPs and splits, all of which demonstrated their peculiar blend of aggressiveness and bizarre humor.
Judging by trailers posted so far, this isn’t only a story of music that the band wrote together – its also a story of three teenage boys growing up and searching for a sense of purpose together.

This film is a biography of a friendship. Set in the indie rock utopia of an evergreen forested Olympia Washington of the early 90′s, this film chronicles the journey of the love of three friends from childhood to adulthood over a span of 20 years. Nestled in the mythology of bands such as Beat Happening, Bikini Kill, Unwound, and the Melvins, the story of KARP is the story of a childhood love forced to make adult changes in order to survive an adult world and how the choices we face as we follow our dreams affect those whom we love most. It is the story of how so often the thing that frees you can become your largest obstacle.

Check out movie trailers below.

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