Listomania – Bands of Benefest
Listomania – Bands of Benefest

Listomania – Bands of Benefest

Benefest Poster

Yr. guide to Allston’s Rock City finest DIY basement rock-n-roll put together in honor of tonight’s Benefest!
Vegans – god damn the practice space is hot.
Chandeliers -allston, massachusetts-based three-person indie / punk / whatever
Flat Swamp – Theo Hartlett playing instruments and singing songs really loudly.For now!
Courters – Humping rock’n roll’s raw tired leg like it contains the antidote.
Luau – just three new englanders been together in one way or another for almost the entirety of our collective adult life.
Bedroom Eyes – four guys / switchin’ instruments / makin’ noise
Young Adults – Danny/Chris/Kurt
Pretty & Nice – Pretty & Nice are a Boston quartet intent on creating joyous feelings. Songs are born on sunny porches, electrified, dolled up, and slingshot skyward. It’s an advanced pop crash course, and your brain may have trouble keeping up with your feet.


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