Listomania – American Labels
Listomania – American Labels

Listomania – American Labels

Amphetamine Reptile (Official Site / Forum) – Minneapolis label which was formed in 1986 by Tom Hazelmeyer. Throughout years AmRep released countless singles and albums by the likes of God Bullies, Hammerhead, Melvins and Cosmic Psychos and became associated with “noise rock” genre.
Drag City (Official Site) – Chicago-based label which was established in 1989 by Dan Koretzky and Dan Osborn. Some of the artists associated with the label include OM, Sic Alps, Bonnie Prince Billy and Cave.
Fan Death Records (Official Site / MySpace) – Maryland-based record labels that puts out the records by the likes of Clockcleaner, Drunkdriver and Lamps.
Ipecac Recordings (Official Site) – Orinda, California-based label which was formed on April 1, 1999 by Greg Wreckman and Mike Patton. They released material by the likes of Isis, Mondo Generator, Zu, Goon Moon, Hella, Tomahawk and Unsane, among others. They’re also known for signing bands to one album contract, a rather unusual practice for record labels.
Load Records (Official Site) – Providence, RI based label which was started in 1993 and produced material by the likes of Excepter, Fat Day, Lightning Bolt, Noxagt, Mindflayer, Metalux, Sightings, Scissor Girls and countless other bands. Load is run by Ben McOsker and Laura Mullen.
Silber Records (Official Site) – The label established by Brian John Mitchell in 1996 – they debuted with “Alleviation” compilation. “Eclectic” is the word best used to described their catalog/artists who record for SR. Some of them include Remora, Aarktica, Moodring, Vlor and Rollerball. “Download” section of their website also contain numerous links to compilations and full albums that the label produced in the past and that are currently out of print.
Southern Lord (Official Site) – Label that was started by Greg Anderson in 1998 and focuses mostly on adventurous metal bands like Earth, Sunn O))), OM and Khanate, as well as more traditional bands like Electric Wizard and Pentagram.
Three One G (Official Site) – San Diego, California label that was started by Justin Pearson from the band Locust. In addition to putting out records by his own band, label also produced material by the likes of Head Wound City, Arab On Radar, Holy Molar, Chinese Stars and many others. They also released Birthday Party and Queen tribute albums.
Touch And Go (Official Site) – T&G started its life as a magazine that was put out in the late 70s by Tesco Vee and Dave Stimson. In 1983, Vee was joined by Corey Rusk, who eventually achieved complete control of the label. Touch & Go is mostly known for releasing material by the likes of Killdozer, Big Black and Die Kreuzen, but they also produced numerous record by artists that had nothing do with punk/hardcore/noise genres (including CocoRosie, Calexico and Yeah Yeah Yeahs).
In 2009, Corey Rusk announced that the label is going to downsize itself due to economical problems. In 2010, writer Ian Christie confirmed that Bazillion Points Publishing compiled a 576-page book dedicated to the label entitled “Touch And Go Fanzine: The Complete Years”.
Western Vinyl (Official Site) – Austin, Texas based label which was founded in 1998. Some of the artists associated with the label include Dirty Projectors, Slow Six and Balmorhea.

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