Music Recommendations for September 2018: Pt. 2
Music Recommendations for September 2018: Pt. 2

Music Recommendations for September 2018: Pt. 2

Fresh batch of listening recommendations from our followers!
Ryan Lee Crosby Band – River Music (cosirecords, 2018) – Inspired by an intense study of African and Indian musicians such as Ali Farka Touré or Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya, Ryan absorbs sounds of Mali-Blues and Indian Ragas while playing a 22-stringed Indian slide-guitar and being accompanied by breath-taking tabla playing (suggested by Allysen Callery)
Geo Rip – U-Udios 2 (U-Udios, 2018) – Geo Rip is Aaron Leitko, Mike Petillo and John Jones
Co La – Sensory Dub Example (Orange Milk Records, 2018) – suggested by We Need No Swords
broeder Dieleman – Komma (Snowstar Records, 2018) – Komma is a double album and a photobook in one, and tells the story about Het Krekengebied (creek area) of the ‘Land of Axel’ (suggested by Jasper Willems)
Janitor – Inn of Lenoir (Cheap Beer) (Self Released, 2018) – featuring Lost Boy ? on drums
mrscientificterms – (reflected in the eye) Of The Dragonfly (Naviar Records)
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 – Admonishing the Bishops (Matador, 1993) – suggested by Vogon Laundromat
Lothar Ohlmeier / Isambard Khroustaliov – Nowhere (Not Applicable, 2008)
Raising Holy Sparks – Search for the Vanished Heaven (Eiderdown Records, 2017) – Autumn is the perfect time to either discover or re-visit this beauty. Still some physical copies left of both editions…
Riot Stares – LP Promo (Self Released, 2018) – Riot Stares boyz put up 2 tracks from their upcoming LP. get you some! (see also – Headfirst! Records)
John Moore – Life is a Fucking Fiasco (Self Released, 2018) – The wasps and the bees argument solved once and for all / never give up hope (suggested by Nick Cyanide)
Kepier Widow – Fool’s Errand (Anti Social Kultur England, 2018) – suggested by Grey Frequency
Faxada – Paraa (Darling Recordings, 2018) – Recommended if you’re into glitch ambient, IDM, or perverse video game music. Oh and the artwork is siqqq (suggested by Zoe Camp)
Constant Mongrel – Living in Excellence (ANTI FADE records, 2018) –  very therapeutic 2018 record (suggested by Clinch Frazier)
Orchid Mantis – Yellow House (Z Tapes, 2018) – suggested by Andrulian’s Blog
Elite Barbarian – It’s Only When You Get to the End That It All Makes Sense (Front & Follow, 2008) – Throwback to ten years ago, the early days of : Elite Barbarian made a great collection of dark rhythmic electronics (suggested by Evening of Light)
Flying Saucer Attack – In the Light of Time (Live) (Domino 1994 / 2016 / Drag City, 1995 / 2016) –  suggested by Andrew Hall
Sonic Youth – Youth Against Fascism (DGC, 1992) – Today’s soundtrack courtesy of @thesonicyouth (suggested by Joel Brady)
Stringmodulator – Manifesto (Submarine Broadcasting Company, 2018) – The idea of a bass/guitar improv duo sounds nothing like what actually sounds like. Their pulse is driving and they move almost like electronic music builds with some kraut influence. This has been a favorite for the last couple of weeks. (suggested by Whettman Chelmets)
Wolfmen of Mars – The Flypaper Spectacular (Self Released, 2018)

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