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[easy-image-collage id=40322] Another round of listening recommendations/suggestions from our friends and followers on Twitter!
Jason Sharp – Stand Above the Streams (Constellation, 2018) – suggested by Anti-Gravity Bunny
Mark Renner – Few Traces (Rvng Intl., 2018) suggested by Tim Wilson
Plumbun – Best (Self Released, 2018)- suggested by Eternity Tree
Melvins – A History of Bad Men (Ipecac, 2006 / 2017) – suggested by Noisecrumbs
Stoned Jesus – I’m the Mountain (Moon Records, 2012)
Turvia – Fear, Blood and Human Sacrifices (Muteant Sounds, 2018)
David Birchill / Andrew Cheetham / Colin Webster / Otto Willberg – Plastic Kneecap (Raw Tonk Records)
Interbella / Giuseppe Santa Sauce – In the End – not to be confused with Linkin Park song of the same name
Coup Motif – Desolate Plain (Self Released, 2018) – see also – SurgeryKult
A Place Both Wonderful and Strange – Hurt (Self Released, 2018) – this one is a cover
Nurse Predator – The Clovis Needle EP (Self Released, 2018)
Devras Plexi – Sentient Beats (Self Released, 2018)
Christina Kubisch – Flux (CD Edition Museum Ostwall, 2012) – suggested by Feminatronic / Sylvia Hinz
Ouvala – Psychology of Colour  (Fluid Audio, 2016) – suggested by Eeem
Mick Karn – The Salmon of Knowledge (Medium Productions Limited, 2001 / Kscope, 2016) – suggested by Per Sjoberg
Billordo – Rayen Calfu (live in Glasgow, Scotland) – check out Billordo’s new album Anti-Folk Troubadour
Juliet Quick – Changeling Part 1 (Self Released, 2018) – suggested by Raised by Gypsies
Angles 9 – Equality & Death (Clean Feed, 2017) – suggested by Charlee
Lord Snow – Solitude (Adagio830, 2013) – suggested by Fox McChicken
Psychological Strategy Board – Perry Slinger: Out of the Shadows – “droning, hissing, clanging puzzle” – suggested by Michael Holland / Ears For Eyes

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