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Fresh batch of music suggestions from our followers/readers! Feel free to dive into Listening Room Archives to find even more suggestions.
Rocket 455 – Go to Hell (Get Hip, 2001 / Jett Plastic, 2015) – 90’s Detroit unsung garage punk legends now have songs in a video game (suggested by Smashin’ Transistors)

Maserati – Martin Rev (Temporary Residence Limited, 2012) – suggested by Guiding Light

Pussy Galore – Understand Me (Caroline, 1988 / Matador, 1998) – suggested by Nam Citsale

Sleepmassk – Sleepmassk (Totes Format, 2018) – Insomnia induced wakemare drone-dub G_R_M_M_S_K + 19f3_records (suggested by Wizards Tell Lies)

Husker Du – Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill (SST, 1985 / 2011) – suggested by Noisecrumbs

P.D. Wilder – Remember to Remind Me (Silber, 2018) – P. D. Wilder, ex-Hotel Hotel, continues in the age-old tradition of hillbilly beardos playing ambient drone music solo armed with a guitar & a dozen pedals.

Samarobryn – The Light at the End (Dog Park, 2018) – Top dog in the park is Furchick (suggested by Raised by Gypsies)

Brian Eno – Becalmed (Island, 1975 / Virgin, 2009) –  suggested by Sean Walters

Gato Barbieri / Don Cherry – Togetherness (Durium, 1966 / Klimt, 2016) – suggested by John Olson

IJO – Melancholika Vol.3 (Blikmuzik, 2017 / ACR, 2018) – Part 3 in ambient album series.

Sons of Bill – Believer / Pretender (Loose Music / Tone Tree, 2018) – suggested by Popa Tunes

Sticky Antlers – Sickman of Africa (KRNGY, 2008) – suggested by ZonaZanjeros

Clara Engel – Anubeth’s Song (Burn Eternally) (Self Released, 2017) – here come the northern lights and a flight of wild bees (suggested by mrscientificterms)

The Modern Folk – Death You Ain’t Got No Shame (Self Released, 2018)

Collection of Dead Souls – Dream Noise POP (Self Released, 2018)

The Beremy Jets – Proud-Button (Somewherecold, 2018)

Matthew Collings / Dag Rosenqvist – It Was Digital And It Was Beautiful (Denovali, 2017) – Some nicely poised digital ambience from 2017 (suggested by No Place Like Drone)

Sad Man – Slow Bird (Self Released, 2018) – suggested by Andrulian’s Blog

Sonic Youth – The Sprawl (Blast First, 1988) – suggested by David John Roden

Gareth Williams / Mary Currie – Flaming Tunes (Contagious Tapes, 1985 / Life and Living, 2009) – suggested by


Firefriend – Yellow Spider (Self Released, 2018) – suggested by Nick Cyanide

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