Music Recommendations for July 2018: Part 2
Music Recommendations for July 2018: Part 2

Music Recommendations for July 2018: Part 2

Fresh batch of listening recommendations from our followers!
Catherine Sikora / Brian Chase – Untitled: After (2018) – suggested by Robert Ham
Glove of Bones – X O S T (digitalDIZZY, 2015 / Klappstuhl, 2018) – The tooth root and aching backbone of the Glove of Bones creative project was an idea for a road movie without a road, a biography without a chronology or subject and an imaginary soundtrack for a film, based around a real movie.
Aby Ngana Drop – Liital (Awesome Tapes From Africa, 2014) – suggested by Jim Magas
The Slowest Lift – Noel Meek and the Slowest Lift (Self Released, 2018) – suggested by Christopher Whitby
Pinback – This Red Book (Touch and Go, 2004 / 2014) – suggested by Brian Coney
Nomeansno – Old (Wrong Records, 2010) – suggested by Nam Citsale
The Soft Machine – We Did It Again (Probe, 1968 / Polydor, 2010) – suggested by Christopher Cooper
Dead Tenants – Reset (Buzzhowl Records, 2018) – suggested by Gimme Tinnitus
Goatsnake – Coffee and Whisky (Southern Lord, 2015) – suggested by Evol Kween
Mistress Fannypack – Blessings (Self Released, 2018) – On the road, rent is paid in power rockets.
Autumns – Club Shite (Amok Tapes, 2018) – suggested by Tim Wilson
Veruca Salt – Bodies (Minty Fresh, 1994) – suggested by Cultivated Rage
Domiziano Maselli – Ashes (Opal Tapes, 2018) – A stunning album from neo-classical, instrumental Projekt style goth, cinematic electro-acoustic music and luscious string, voice and piano driven ambience
Darto – Brotherhood (Aagoo, 2018) – suggested by Simon Edwards
La Leif – Violet EP (Blank Editions, 2018) – suggested by Willie McAlpine
Veins Full of Static – Is All (Disintegration State, 2018) –  It’s in a sort of Lawrence English/Ben Frost/Leyland Kirby sort of ballpark.
The Jesus and Mary Chain – Guitar Man (Creation, 1984) – Elvis/Jerry Reed cover and B-side to ‘Reverence’ (suggested by Noisecrumbs)
Fua – S/T (Self Released, 2018) – Their mouths slurp around machines. Their hands touch keys, knobs and circuits of digital and analogue, hands mingle with a blown wind machine. (suggested by Cows Are Just Food).
Pas Musique – Alchemy in Four Stages (Self Released, 2017) – Here are the four tracks for “Alchemy in Four Stages” a journey into ones energy (see Alrealon)
Jake Muir – Lady’s Mantle (Sferic, 2018) – Lady’s Mantle by is one of the loveliest ambient records of the year. Been on a bit of a Biosphere kick lately and is ticking similar boxes with a blend of field recordings and gorgeous textures. (suggested by Disintegration State)

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