Listening Room – January 5, 2018
Listening Room – January 5, 2018

Listening Room – January 5, 2018

The Voyeur – Puppets (Moon Myst Music) – recommended by Cry Baby Sleep
Bob Mould – Star Machine / The Descent (Live) – recommended by DR JYTAA
Yardss – If You Find Me Let Me Know, Existential Pilot Vessel (Self Group)
Glacis – Flattened Shadows (featuring William Ryan Fritch) (22.16.04) – recommended by Lost Tribe Sound
William Basinski + Richard Chartier – Untitled 1-3 (Line)
Cheekface – Glendale (New Professor Music)
Aphex Twin – tun seq1 ph2 (Warp) – recommended by Craig McNeil
Big Black – Passing Complexion (Live) – recommended by Pendlewitch1
Superorganism – Everybody Wants to be Famous (Domino) – recommended by Nina Corcoran
Baptizer – Crisis of the Modern World (Silber)
Brandon Locher – Medium Frequency (Hush Hush Records)
Gas Huffer – Bomb Squad (Empty Records) – recommended by Argus 99
All Songs of Neu! Played at Once – recommended by F Mutt
Mukqs – Al Saiduq (Doom Trip) – from upcoming Doom Trip 14

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