Listen: Third Kind Late Night Tapes & Net Labels Mixtape 2017
Listen: Third Kind Late Night Tapes & Net Labels Mixtape 2017

Listen: Third Kind Late Night Tapes & Net Labels Mixtape 2017

Third Kind Tapes - Logo
[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”15″]I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to make a mixtape like ones I used to listen to with friends in the wee hours, but using just new tracks from 2017.[/perfectpullquote]
We got an exciting mix compiled for us by Nicholas Langley, the man behind the British label Third Kind Records. Nick is an artist himself – he records material both under his own name and as Intensive / Nickname / hZ.
The label itself is relatively young, but already amassed a vast catalog of material by the likes of Peter Hoggarth, Leeaves, The Vitamin B12 and many others. Everyone is also highly advised to read 14 Things You Learn Running a Cassette Tape Record Label – roundup that features thoughts from TK, Tapehead Recordings and Prison Tapes.


Cardopusher – Out On A Limb (I Love Acid / Balkan Recordings)
MDK – You’ve Got The (Pr0k Records)
International Debris – Sonmi 451 (Electric Sea) (No Problema Tapes)
ロフト tapes – 百万 m i l l i o n (Adhesive Sounds)
Leaaves – It’s Hard To Find A Friend (Hylé Tapes)
Heather Celeste – Objekt 2 (Hylé Tapes)
Lisa Sonoda – It Comes And It Goes (Never Anything)
Turantula – Hard For You (concretetapes)
Skyscraper – We Are (Warm Gospel Tapes)
Argiflex – Sludgehammer (Windows 98 Remix) (Self Released) – original available on Throatless (Bedlam Tapes)
death’s dynamic shroud – Tell Me Your Secret (Orange Milk)
EQ Why – Dream On (Equalized Records)
Ridgewell – Off-Scale Happiness (Warm Gospel Tapes)
バーチャルボーイA t s u – Future Dance (Adhesive Sounds)
Acid Fountain – Société Minérale (Søvn Records)
Missing Organs – Rutabaga (Never Anything)
Final Machine – Scanner (Self Released)
Polypores – Sleep Logic (concretetapes)
Lisa Sonoda – Goodbye (Never Anything)
Phillinois – Notes Within Bars (Liquid Library)


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