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I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to make a mixtape like ones I used to listen to with friends in the wee hours, but using just new tracks from 2017.

We got an exciting mix compiled for us by Nicholas Langley, the man behind the British label Third Kind Records. Nick is an artist himself – he records material both under his own name and as Intensive / Nickname / hZ.
The label itself is relatively young, but already amassed a vast catalog of material by the likes of Peter Hoggarth, Leeaves, The Vitamin B12 and many others. Everyone is also highly advised to read 14 Things You Learn Running a Cassette Tape Record Label – roundup that features thoughts from TK, Tapehead Recordings and Prison Tapes.


Cardopusher – Out On A Limb (I Love Acid / Balkan Recordings)
MDK – You’ve Got The (Pr0k Records)
International Debris – Sonmi 451 (Electric Sea) (No Problema Tapes)
ロフト tapes – 百万 m i l l i o n (Adhesive Sounds)
Leaaves – It’s Hard To Find A Friend (Hylé Tapes)
Heather Celeste – Objekt 2 (Hylé Tapes)
Lisa Sonoda – It Comes And It Goes (Never Anything)
Turantula – Hard For You (concretetapes)
Skyscraper – We Are (Warm Gospel Tapes)
Argiflex – Sludgehammer (Windows 98 Remix) (Self Released) – original available on Throatless (Bedlam Tapes)
death’s dynamic shroud – Tell Me Your Secret (Orange Milk)
EQ Why – Dream On (Equalized Records)
Ridgewell – Off-Scale Happiness (Warm Gospel Tapes)
バーチャルボーイA t s u – Future Dance (Adhesive Sounds)
Acid Fountain – Société Minérale (Søvn Records)
Missing Organs – Rutabaga (Never Anything)
Final Machine – Scanner (Self Released)
Polypores – Sleep Logic (concretetapes)
Lisa Sonoda – Goodbye (Never Anything)
Phillinois – Notes Within Bars (Liquid Library)

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