Listen: Guest Mix by Julia Kent
Listen: Guest Mix by Julia Kent

Listen: Guest Mix by Julia Kent

Cellist and composer Julia Kent has an intimate understanding of electroacoustic music and the potential inherent within the sound. Several albums deep into a career experimenting with the genre, her catalog amasses how to best blend the organic and synthetic sides of music. Temporal, her latest on the Leaf Label, collects music initially conceived for as accompaniment for theatrical and dance productions. Divorcing music from its original context can result in a disjunct recording that suffers removed from its context, yet the richness of her compositions is as clear through headphones as they would be in a black box theater.

Tonight, we’re proud to present a mix by a great Canadian cellist/composer Julia Kent! Julia’s career goes all the way back to the 90s (when she was a member of Rasputina) and more recently she also performed with Anthony and the Johnsons.

Then there’s Julia;s solo career which kicked off with 2007 Delay. Her solo material can be found on such fine labels as Important Records and Leaf, latter of which also put out Temporal, her latest.

As far as the mix itself? In her own words:

I decided to focus mostly on musicians that I’ve worked with, because I feel lucky to have encountered so many amazing and inspiring ones over my time making music. And Mark Hollis, because….


Rafael Anton Irrisari – Un Saltador (Umor Rex)

Marcus Guentner – New World Order (A Strangely Isolated Place)

Space Aliens from Outer Space – Entanglement (Escape From Today)

Nadja – In The Shadow Of The Wing Of The Thing Too Big To Be Seen (Broken Spine Productions / Daymare Recordings)

Jochen Arbeit & Paolo Spaccamonti – IV (Boring Machines)

Burnt Sugar the Archestra Chamber – Resurrection Rag (TruGROID)

Imani Uzuri – Ishi (A Tonal Meditation) (Self Released)

Anthony and the Johnsons – Free at Last (Secretly Canadian)

Tamar-Kali – Intro / Mudbound Theme (Milan Records)

Stars of the Lid – Tippy’s Demise (Kranky)

William Parker – Raindrops (Gotta Let It Out)

Sontag Shogun – no. 2 (Music Box) (Ricco Label)

Mark Hollis – Inside Looking Out (Polydor)

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