Listen: 20 Years of Rocket Girl // Guest Mix by Vinita Joshi
Listen: 20 Years of Rocket Girl // Guest Mix by Vinita Joshi

Listen: 20 Years of Rocket Girl // Guest Mix by Vinita Joshi

Rocket Girl - Label Logo

Rugby born Vinita Joshi founded Rocket Girl in 1997. Still run from her Kentish Town home, it’s established itself as one of the premier UK independent labels, the result of a “music lover releasing music for music lovers”. The label has become recognised as a significant talent spotter, with profiles worldwide, and has a busy year ahead with releases from Pieter Nooten, Eat Lights Become Lights, Fuxa and God Is An Astronaut.

Its hard to think of a 90s label more synonymous with the word “eclecticism” than UK imprint Rocket Girl.  Founded by Vinita Joshi in 1997, the label eventually blossomed into a shrine for all things space/post rock and psychedelia, putting out records by the likes of Windy & Carl, Low, Piano Magic, Azusa Plane, Fuxa and countless others.
As of 2019 the label is still going strong – more recently their released Gate of Grief, first full-length from White Ring (see an interview that our writer Patrik Thomas did with WR). So it is with great pleasure that we introduce a mix that Vinita put together – more than 20 tracks spanning from the label’s earliest days to now!


Loopdrop – Triciclo
Piano Magic – I Am the Sub-Librarian
White Ring – Leprosy
Pieter Nooten – Ode
Bell Gardens – Take Us Away
A Place to Bury Strangers – Missing You
God is an Astronaut – Spiral Code
Eat Lights Become Lights – Bounce Synth
Add N to Fu(x)a – Add N to Fu(x)a
Frausdots – Dead Wrong
Jon DeRosa – True Men
Lilys – The Night Sun Over San Juan
Pluxus – Agent Tangent
Television Personalities – Walk Towards the Light
Sam Kills Two – Electric Shock
Byrne – Sleeping Giant
Peter Daltrey – Tattoo
White Noise Sound – All You Need
Mazarin – Wheats
Disco Inferno – Emigre
Robin Guthrie – Crescent

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