Label Showcase – Boston Edition – Grinding Tapes
Label Showcase – Boston Edition – Grinding Tapes

Label Showcase – Boston Edition – Grinding Tapes

Boston label that “documents indie folk scene”. Wikipedia points out that “GT releases are usually recognizable due to their unique jacket style, which usually consists of recycled cardboard screen printed with a single-color design.”
Some of the artists currently working with the label include:
The Points North – An acoustic band out of Boston “who play minimalist folk that can best be described as a soundtrack to the harsh yet strangely nostalgic New England winter.”
Manners – “Minimalist jazz-folk project” of Greg Beson. “Occasionally, these haunted ghost melodies burst briefly into bloom, resolving long-accumulated tension before dissolving as quickly as they had arrived.”
Dreamtigers – Boston band formed out of ashes of various local hardcore/indie bands, including Ambitions and Acta Non Verba.
Slowest Runner – Instrumental post-baroque band from Montreal and NYC.
Hello Shark – A project comprised of “Linc Halloran and assorted friends.” “His lyrics are best described as quirky and endearing and are particularly disarming when placed over a backdrop of slightly out-of-tune instrumentation.”
Detektivbyrån – Swedish trio who make beautiful pop songs with accordion, xylophone, drums, and analog synthesizer.
Further Info: Official Site | Facebook | Wikipedia

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