Record Label Profile – Mirkwood Amateur Recordings
Record Label Profile – Mirkwood Amateur Recordings

Record Label Profile – Mirkwood Amateur Recordings


Am*a*teur – 1. the one who does something for pleasure, not for money; nonprofessional

M.A.R. is a Pittsburgh PA based label which focuses on signing independent artists whose music might not be heard otherwise.

M.A.R. is a collection and display of musical works by amateurs, mostly recorded, executed and produced independent of record companies or other such representatives.
It is Mirkwood’s intention to provide a place where the public can hear and purchase this work which might not otherwise be available.
Most of the artists that Mirkwood feature make music out of a natural desire to express themselves. This music we feel has intrinsic value, regardless of a lack of professionalism or technical proficiency. Most of these artists are not looking to “make it.” In completing a work of music they feel they have already “made it.”
Mirkwood does record and feature its own artists, but also gives a forum to similar minded artists who are not connected to M.A.R. as a label.

Label’s signing so far include Stands In Lightning, Ruined By Worlds, K.M. Gainfort, Surrounded By Mice and Steve.
Much of the label’s back catalog is available for streaming/purchase via Bandcamp, so check out the links below!
K.M.  Gainfort – The Peace Of Penn Hills (2011)
Stands In Lightning – Let’s Stay Together (2009)
Stands In Lightning – Metanoia (2009)
Stands In Lightning – No Eye Hath Seen (2009)
Surrounded By Mice – First Light (2010)


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