Juneteenth Bandcamp Recommendations // Come Away With EMD
Juneteenth Bandcamp Recommendations // Come Away With EMD

Juneteenth Bandcamp Recommendations // Come Away With EMD

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Big batch of music/Bandcamp recommendations for Juneteenth – courtesy of our follower Come Away with EMD!

And don’t forget to check a recap of BC recommendations for June 5th.

Angel Bat Dawid – Transition East (International Anthem)

“Transition East” features two new pieces of music created by Angel Bat Dawid in response to Emma Warren’s 2019 book “Make Some Space” – i.e. the book that chronicles the history of London DIY music institution Total Refreshment Centre.

Debby Friday – Bitchpunk + Death Drive (Self Released / Deathbomb Arc)

Clear Channel – Hell (Self Released)

God created bass – and of the bass, God created Mary. Mary was lonely, and so she asked God to sculpt Carson and Awad out of a kick drum and a pair of bongos, and then Don joined and all was right with the world. This is their first record together.

Too Free – Love in High Demand (Sister Polygon Records)

Too Free is born of the most innate curiosity in Awad Bilal (Big Freedia, Vasillus), Carson Cox (Merchandise), and Don Godwin (Callers, Impractical Cockpit), their sound is a question of connection. Can we find each other in the club? In the bass? In the car? Can we find ourselves when we dance? Their debut album Love In High Demand is a startlingly succinct pop meditation on desire, compassion, and groove.

ONO – Ennui (Thermidor / Galactic Archive / Priority Male)

ONO – Red Summer (American Dreams Records)

Mourning [A] BLKstar – These Hands Are Up (Self Released)

Formed in 2015 by RA Washington, M[A]B looks to forage new pathways toward heart music by melding soul, blues, electronics, avant-poetics w/ futurist beats.

Jeff Parker – Suite for Max Brown (International Anthem)

Best known for his membership in the pioneering jazz-rock ensemble Tortoise—and now the elder statesman among a crew of 21st-century Chicago renegades bringing a fresh elasticity to the AACM slogan “ancient to the future”—guitarist Jeff Parker says in the liner notes to Suite for Max Brown that he is always alert for “ways to be surprised.” That intrepid curiosity permeates the album, a collection dedicated to his still-living mother Maxine that has a mix-taper’s love of abrupt mood shifts and variable textures. – JazzTimes

Shopping – All or Nothing (Fatcat Records)

Shopping return with their new album All Or Nothing – a record that speaks about commitment, leaps of faith and tests of courage.

“A lot has happened in our personal lives since we last recorded and we knew this album was going to reflect that exciting and scary feeling that comes with change, heartbreak and personal evolution”, the band explains.

Jasmine Infiniti – BXTCH SLÄP (New World Dysorder)

Following her breakout EP, SiS, Jasmine Infiniti returns with thirteen disruptive club tracks fit for the The Infernal Ballroom. On her meticulously-crafted debut LP, she conjures occult rave incantations with sub-tectonic bass and spectral, seductive harmonies. Audaciously championing R&B, vogue and hip-hop sounds, Jasmine Infiniti’s latest collection of techno-hybrid dance tunes is bound to be the new soundtrack of NYC’s queer underground nightlife.

Norman W. Long – Electro​-​Acoustic Dubcology I – IV (Reserve Matinee)

Aleatoric symphonies as composed by Chicagoan ecology; for the end of the natural as we know it.

Apaixonar – Harriet (Self Released)

For Grandmadear (1922-2006), and all strong, black women and men everywhere who have struggled through the ages.

Brandon Hill: Modular Synthesizer

Little Simz – Drop 6 (Age:101)

Drea the Vibe Dealer – Sacrifice (Self Released)

Six Six – S/T (Atlantic Rhythms)

Six Six is the Washington, DC duo of Anthony Pirog (The Messthetics) and Luke Stewart (Irreversible Entanglements, Blacks’ Myths). Their long-awaited recorded collaboration delivers two slabs of serenity and storm.

Blacks’ Myths – I / II ( (Atlantic Rhythms)

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