John Bergin's Special
John Bergin's Special

John Bergin's Special

John Bergin is an American musician, writer and graphic novel artist, best known for his book From Inside (which he also turned into an animated movie).  As a musician, he was a member of numerous bands/projects including Blackmouth, Tertium Non Data, Paved In Skin, Orifice, Trust Obey and many others.
Much of his work is available for download via his personal website. Here’s a breakdown of his projects:
Blackmouth – Included  Jarboe, John Bergin and Brett Smith. They released one self-titled album and a reissued version of the record, which included “Blackness Bleeding”, a CDr with remixes of the band’s material.
C17H19NO3 – Solo project of John Bergin with contributions from Jarboe, Pam Bricker and Bukeka Shoals. Releases include “1692/2002” (1998) and “Terra Null” (2001).
Anthropology – A 2002 collaboration between Lance Grabmiller and John Bergin.
Tertium Non Data – A duo of John Bergin and  Brett Smith. Released two albums – 1999 “The Third Is Not Given” and 2001 “Hers Is Blood” (both on Crowd Control Activities)
Trust Obey – A duo of John Bergin and  Brett Smith. Their releases include 1994 “Fear And Bullets” and 1996 “Hands Of Ash”.
Coma / Camouflaged Abominations – Included John Bergin, Shen and Q/Timothy Wiles. They released one self-titled album in 1993.
Orifice – A solo project (according to or non-solo project (according to Bergin’s website). They recorded “Gash” way back in 1987.
Two albums of children’s music + compilation tracks + remixes for Terminal Sect, VooDou and Bozo Porn Circus

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