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Then Comes Dudley

Mouth Breather



Monkey Trick


South Mouth

Lady Shoes

Romeo In Juliet

Associated entries:  Jesus Lizard / Scratch Acid, Jesus Lizard Reunion

Notes:  JL 1991 album Goat turned out to be a winner (5 votes) with the rest of results looking like this:

Head – 3 votes

Liar – 3 votes

Down -1  vote

Shot – 0 votes

Blue – 1 vote

Curiously enough, “Goat” is also considered to be their most successful release by critics/press and some went as far as calling it one of the best albums of the 90s. It was produced by Steve Albini (Big Black, Rapeman, Shellac) who would later destroy all ties to the band due to the fact that they signed a deal with a major label.

Cover art for the album was done by Jesus Lizard bassist David Wm. Sims. It depicts what at first looks like flame, but a a close inspection reveals a topless female with an image of nails projected onto her body. The rest of the artwork includes similar pictures.

“Nub” also appears on 1992 compilation Mesomorph Enduros, while “Then Comes Dudley” was featured on a soundtrack to Hal Hartley movie “Amateur”. “Mouth Breather”, “Seasick” and “Lady Shoes” were all featured on “Bang” – a compilation of Jesus Lizard material.


Mouth Breather (Live)

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