Jan. 2018 Summary – Guest Mixes
Jan. 2018 Summary – Guest Mixes

Jan. 2018 Summary – Guest Mixes

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Follow-up to our Jan. 2018 Summary – this time we collected guest mixes that were contributed to IHN throughout January. Don’t forget to follow us on Mixcloud!

IHN Mix 1 (via Jon Digital) – featuring Donovan, Little Dragon, Money Chicha, Space People
Field Hymns 2017 Mix (via Field Hymns) – featuring Bolabit, Paco Sala, Slim Fortune, Lips & Ribs, Megabreth
Shadow Trash Tape Group 2017 Mix (via Shadow Trash Tape Group) – featuring Staticnosis, King Poppy, Rumpilots, David Clay Bridges, Fidelity Astro
Silber Records 2017 Mix (via Silber Records) – featuring Moodring, Thorn1, Moon Gravity, Nonconnah, Electric Bird Noise, Yellow6, The Corrupting Sea
Strategic Tape Reserve 2017 Mix (via Strategic Tape Reserve) – featuring Belmont Lacroix, moduS ponY, VLK, Emerging Industries of Wuppertal, Mr and Mrs Chip Perkins
Few more mixes/samplers not hosted by IHN, but still worthy of discussion
Doomed Visions 1 (via Doom Trip Records)
2017 (via Crafted Sounds)
TRL 2017 (via Temporary Residence Limited)


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