Interviews // Pain Chain
Interviews // Pain Chain

Interviews // Pain Chain

How would you describe your sound to a new listener?

My noise really depends on my mood when you see me perform. It’s all based on that. Some performances I do are really chaotic and harsh. Other performances are atmospheric. I would say if you are coming to see a Pain Chain show you don’t know what you are going to see.

What is the link between your music and the collages?

It’s all free form and that’s what I like about collaging. I also do collaging with audio sometimes. When I record, I will sometimes cut up my audio and collage it. Same thing with paper collage where you cut up the pieces and you glue everything together, I do analog collage, so everything is by hand—not digital.

Do you have a show or movie you watch on repeat?

Donnie Darko. I love Donnie Darkie. It’s a movie I could watch a million times and never get sick of it. I actually put together a compilation with various artists that was released on my label Mutual Aid Records that contains covers of the soundtrack/score.

Tell us about your collaborations

I’ve done a lot of collaborations. For live collaborations I’ve worked with L’eclipse Nue. Also, with my band, The Cost of Living –we’ve done collaborations with a bunch of people including our friend Steve whose project is Dog. C.U.M. the project that I’m playing tonight, is my collaborative project with Chuck Steak, who is my partner. We have a lot of projects together; we also do the Cost of Living together. So, we are collabing tonight!

What do you want people to take away from your music?

Empowerment, I want people to empower themselves. Self-expression. Using art as a form of protest.

Do you have anything coming up that we should know about?

So many things. I have a whole list of shows for all my many projects. I’ve been posting monthly on my Pain Chain Instagram with all my shows. My next show is March 3rd in Dover, NH with the Cost of Living and Fed Ash, Pleasure Coffin, and a couple of other artists too. Are you doing double duty in the show—performing with 2 groups? I’m just doing the Cost of Living at that show, but I do that a lot where I will do a Pain Chain set and a Cost of Living set or a Cost of Living Set and Diva Karr, because I’m also in Diva Karr-the black metal band, now. That happens so much where I’ll play a show and I’m doing 2 sets, but I love it. It’s cool that people want to see my multiple projects.

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