IHRTN Mixtape – Scratch Acid
IHRTN Mixtape – Scratch Acid

IHRTN Mixtape – Scratch Acid

Historical Note
The Austin, TX, post-hardcore noise group Scratch Acid laid the groundwork for much of the distorted, grinding alternative punk rockers of the ’90s. Formed in 1982, the band originally featuredSteve Anderson (vocals), David Wm. Sims (guitar), Brett Bradford(guitar), David Yow (bass), and Rey Washam (drums). Anderson was soon kicked out of the group and the band performed as an instrumental outfit for a short while. Yow moved to vocals, Sims switched to bass, and the band released a self-titled EP in 1984. Two years later, they released the full-length Just Keep Eating and the scathing Berserker EP. Following a long tour that took them through America and Europe, Scratch Acid split in May of 1987. Sims and Washam joined with Steve Albini to form the consciously caustic Rapeman. After Rapeman split, Sims reunited with David Yow to form the Jesus Lizard in 1989, which picked up where Scratch Acid left off.
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