IHN Fest 2023 // Skyjelly in Photos and Videos (Pt. 2)
IHN Fest 2023 // Skyjelly in Photos and Videos (Pt. 2)

IHN Fest 2023 // Skyjelly in Photos and Videos (Pt. 2)

Such an astonishing band, that more people need to discover – David P Miller

Wholeheartedly agree – few bands impressed yours truly more than Skyjelly, both live and on record. As with the best of them, the magic is hard to capture in words, but it could be the way that they blend rock elements, traditional songwriting and improvisation. Or it could be the way that they weave Middle Eastern motives into music and blend them with drone/ambience.

But as the Asian proverb goes – it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. So without further ado, here’s a full set that Skyjelly played at State Park as part of IHN Fest 2023!

There’s also a couple more videos of the set captured (rather brilliantly) by Hsiu Chang. Once you’re done watching these, I highly recommend checking both Skyjelly discography and videography on the official site.

Laisse Jeyedin Jedenoriginal track off of Spirit Guide / video

High Neighbororiginal track off of Ghost Rock

Orange and Blueoriginal track off of Blank Panthers / Priest Expert or Wizard (also on Doom Trip Records) / video

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