IHN Fest 2023 // Senseless Optimism in Photos and Videos (Pt. 2)
IHN Fest 2023 // Senseless Optimism in Photos and Videos (Pt. 2)

IHN Fest 2023 // Senseless Optimism in Photos and Videos (Pt. 2)

It’s Pop, but it’s not. It’s Folk, but it’s not. It’s Indie… but it’s not. What “Done” is, though, is pretty spectacular all around especially when you add the Makossa and Soukous elements to the mix for one helluva stunning musical cocktail . Rich and robust and filled with layers that are continually revealed over repeated listens, “Done” is ready-made for your ears no matter the genre you dwell in.

Brittany Tsewole’s voice pierces the silence with a powerful presence that’s soulful and bluesy and all the things as the rest of the instrumentation from guitarist Mike Benjamin, bassist Max Churchill, drummer Kevin Donovan, and Matt Obadashian on keys gradually swells into an Indie Pop banger. Beyond the magical nature of the soundtrack that Brittany sings against is her vocal delivery which is another aspect that gets better with each listen, revealing nuances that endlessly enrich the whole listening experience of “Done”.

Rock and Roll Fables

Yes, yes, yes – we’re talking yet again about Brittany Tsewole aka Senseless Optimism! We got two more videos from Boston singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist that yours truly took at recent IHN Fest!

SO’s latest release as of November 2023 is a double single It’s You. There’s also plenty more songs on her Bandcamp page including a tribute to Bobby Caldwell. Here’s to her career blossoming even further, as it truly deserves!

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