Guilty By Association – Brainiac / O-Matic / Enon / Shesus / Model/Actress / The Dirty Walk
Guilty By Association – Brainiac / O-Matic / Enon / Shesus / Model/Actress / The Dirty Walk

Guilty By Association – Brainiac / O-Matic / Enon / Shesus / Model/Actress / The Dirty Walk

Along with Brainiac, band members were involved in numerous other projects. Here’s a breakdown of other bands that they were involved in:
O-Matic – included¬† Michelle Bodine, Rob Tarbell, Scott Bodine and Will Gates. They recorded one album called “Dog Years” in 1996, which was described by Trouser Press as a “combination of car-culture fetish and a bunch of overdriven, guitar-fueled songs”.¬† The band also appeared alongside the likes of Melvins, Free Kitten, NOFX and L7 on “A Small Circle Of Friends”, 1996 tribute to Germs, which included their cover of “Strange Notes”.
Enon РAfter the dissolution of Brainiac, John Schmersal recorded one album under the name John Stuart Mill.  Eventually he started Enon with Rick Lee and Steve Calhoon, both of whom were previously in Skeleton Key, a band that Brainiac toured with.
Calhoon left the band and was replaced with Toko Yasuda (Blonde Redhead, Lapse, Van Pelt) and Enon also added drummer Matt Schulz to the line-up (in 2008 he also announced that he’s leaving the band). All in all, the band recorded 4 full-lengths and numerous singles / EPs for such labels as Touch & Go and Troubleman Unlimited.
Commenting on the band’s sound, All Music Guide pointed out that “Like groups such as Olivia Tremor Control, they’re interested in exploring that wide territory between pop/rock songs and noise, employing a wealth of samples, industrial sound processing, and percussion that veers toward crockery-smashing murkiness.”
Shesus – Defunct band that included Michelle Bodine, as well as members of Indicators, O-Matic and Lazy. They recorded one full-length entitled “Loves You, Loves You Not” for Narnack Records. Musically, they were described as “a band that rocks like a raw Blondie or early Cheap Trick with an indie edge”.
Model/Actress – Includes Juan Monasterio from Brainiac, Todd Phillips (Bullet Lavolta) and Curtis Mead (Chamberlain). Initially, the band also included drummer Adam Wade (Jealous Sound / Shudder To Think / Jawbox), but he left.
The band released their self-titled EP in 2006 via Thick Records – it featured appearances by David Yow (Jesus Lizard, Scratch Acid, Qui) and Enon/Brainiac member John Schmersal.
The Dirty Walk – Extremely short-lived band which included Tyler Trent from Brainiac, Jeremy Fredericks (Let’s Crash, Human Reunion) and Darryl Robbins (Peopleperson, Motel Beds). Their only proof of existence is available via Fictionband Mechanics blog (see the related post here).

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