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Ampeater / WFMU
WMFU Ampeater Compilation – A compilation of Ampeater Music’s digital 7-inches. 15 tracks from Mount Eerie, Hallelujah The Hills, Pistolera, Ivana XL, Extra Life, Truman Peyote and many others.
Crucial Blast
Blastwave X – A celebration of 10th anniversary of the label’s activity. 50 tracks from Skullflower, Unholy Grave, Nadja, Grey Daturas, Subarachnoid Space, Luasa Raelon, Burmese, Goslings, Unearthly Trance, Wether, Black Elk and many others.
Deathbomb Arc
Pro-Creation Rockers – A compilation of bands that played on Foot Village’s 2009 “Anti-Magic / Pro-Creation” EU tour.  14 tracks from Foot Village, Bitches, Divorce, Hyper Black Bass, Sausage Party and others.
Decadence – 15 tracks from Stellarium, Was She A Vampire, Suicide Party, Bloody Knives and more
Spring Break Pool Party – 23 tracks from TV Ghost, Dirty Dishes, Exeter, Apteka, Burnt Ones, Bloody Knives, Gift Horse and more
The Sound Mind – 4 tracks from The Vanity Press, Bloody Knives, Hearts Fail and Antsinatree
Jesus In Space –  40 tracks from Dead Leaf Echo, Sleepmask, House Of Dolls, Sixteen Deluxe, Crash City Saints, Ceremony, Skeleteen, Me You Us Them, Laserz and more
Silber Records
Silber Sounds Of Christmas – 28 tracks / 100+ minutes of music fromPlumerai, Remora, Peter Aldrich, Small Life Form, 230 Divisadero and many others.
Winter Wishes – 18 tracks / 64 minutes of music from Rollerball, If Thousands, Attrition, Rivulets, Tore Honore Boe, Aidan Baker and many others.
Silber Xmas 2000 – 12 tracks / 46 minutes of music from Aarktica, Remora, Ken Clinger, Small Life Form and many others.
Strange Glue – The Post-Rock Underground Series
Vol.1 – w/ Gregor Samsa, Lampshade, Crippled Black Phoenix and more
Vol.2 – w/ God Is An Astronaut, Lunar Node, Scraps Of Tape and more
Vol.3 – w/ American Dollar, Collapse Under The Empire, Pelican and more

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