Gone In 60 Seconds – Update #4
Gone In 60 Seconds – Update #4

Gone In 60 Seconds – Update #4

Participants on “Gone In 60 Seconds” compilation:


Harvey Girls



Chris Rehm

Street Cheetah

Jewy Sabatay


False Awakening

Collapse Under The Empire



Vanguard Villains

Down I Go

Drone Forest

Northern Valentine

Female Demand


Shroud Eater

Dead Leaf Echo

Dave Unger

Nikki Louder


Electric Bird Noise

Big City Orchestra




For those of you who need a reminder of submission deadline/details:

Based on another project that never quite materialized, Gone In 60 Seconds is going to be a collection of 20 tracks, all of which will be no longer than one minute in length.

Submissions will be accepted for a month and at the end of the month there will be 2 versions of compilation – one where tracks will be chosen by I Heart Noise and another where tracks will be chosen by readers (preceded by readers poll).

The track itself could be a new one or an existing one – preferred format is mp3. Deadline is August 3rd, 2010.

Genres: ambient, post-rock, noise, experimental, indie

Interested? Feel free to send me your submission via e-mail (sitnikovi@hotmail.com).  Also, if you want try your hand at artwork, this could be a great chance to get some exposure.

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