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The forceful Shroud Eater formed January 2009 in the
sweltering heat of Miami, FL. The high temperatures must
serve as a catalyst for the trio’s distinctive cave-man style
powerhouse drumming and sub-sonic low end fury, thick

aggressive, angular guitar riffs and raw, throaty yelling.
Within 6 months of their formation, they recorded and independently
released a 3 song demo EP (mixed & mastered by Torche’s Jonathan Nuñez).
Further Info: Official SiteLast.fm / MySpace
Dead Leaf Echo releases “Truth” in 2010. It was mixed
by Legendary 4AD producer John Fryer (NIN, Depeche
Mode, Cocteau Twins) and features 7 brand new songs.
Dead Leaf Echo’s 2nd EP was released in March 2008 on
Year of the Gallon Records. Featuring their title track
“Pale Fire” mixed by Ulrich Schnauss.
Further Info: Official Site / MySpace / Last.fm
Dave Unger is an experimental rock musician whose music has
ranged from acoustic ballads to full-on free improvised / anthemic
noise  assaults to conceptual art.  he has covered territory from
bebop, blues, singer-songwriter, microtonal composition and
He was a founder of Love666, who were described as the most important band in America by
Alternative Press.
Further Info: Official Site
Electric Bird Noise started in 1997 as Brian McKenzie’s experiment
with loops & effect pedals.
Electric Bird Noise has become more refined over ten years of live
shows & three  albums (Unleashing the Inner Robot (1998), The
Pace (2001), & fragile hearts… fragile minds (2007)) & become
guitar & drum machine driven music. The guitar work is  often multi-
layered & incredibly dense, but not afraid to simultaneously go the minimal  route of
single notes.
Further Info: MySpace / Epitonic / Last.fm

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Edward Wagner

Awesome stuff; glad I found this blog! I've been following Dead Leaf Echo for quite some time now, found them on Last.fm.
Eddie – Hearts Fail

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