Gone In 60 Seconds – A-Z – Ene
Gone In 60 Seconds – A-Z – Ene

Gone In 60 Seconds – A-Z – Ene

Get Their Tracks: Silences | Stracathro Hospital
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Ene is a Richmond, VA based project that was started in 1990 by Scott Hudgins, Rob Miller and Paul Bethel. Currently, however, the only remaining member of the band is Scott Hudgins.
Throughout years, Ene’s material appeared on such labels as Eerie Materials, Mad Monkey Records, RRRecords and Staalplaat.
Scott Hudgins on “Silences” and “Stracathro Hospital”
Words stick in my head and find their ways in to songs sometimes, Stracathro was one of them. Without being dramatic, this song is a friendly dirge, a happy goodbye to my friends who have left too soon. Silences is all play, the name comes from thinking about pauses in communication.
Selected Discography
Kingdom Scum / Ene Split 12″ (Eerie Materials, 1996)
Power Is Burning CD (Arms Vs. Legs, 1999)
Cost Vs. Conscious CD (Mad Monkey, 2000)
Ene Remixes Labradford / Surfers Of Romantica 12″ (Eerie Materials, 2000)
Key Ray CDr (Mystery Sea, 2001)
Selected Compilation Tracks
“William Flips The Bill” on Accidents Have No Holidays (Povertech Industries, 1994)
“Greeting W/Sound” + “Steve” on The Answering Machine Solution (Staalplaat, 1996)
“Untitled” on RRR 500 (RRRecords, 1998)
“Untitled” on Infinity Paradox (Fusion Audio, 2000)
“Ambient Government” on Total War Against State And Capital (Hidden Power Enterprises, 2001)
“Lionel Rapture” on Hell (Lostfrog, 2004)
Further Info: 804 Noise Collective | Eneworld | Facebook | Mad Monkey Records | Last.fm | Twitter – Scott Hudgins


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