Event / Movie Review – Color Me Obsessed (Brattle Theater)
Event / Movie Review – Color Me Obsessed (Brattle Theater)

Event / Movie Review – Color Me Obsessed (Brattle Theater)

Dedicated to the victims of shooting in Aurora, Colorado

Ah! The Replacements. You were the embodiment of everything that is both right and wrong about rock’n’roll – from drunken fights to intentionally sloppy shows, to an absolute lack of ambition which somehow translated into an actual career (and, tragically, the firing and subsequent death of Bob Stinson, the heart and soul of the band in many respects).
Now you finally got your own documentary… and its about damn time, I’d say!
Be warned, however, that “Color Me Obsessed” is nothing like your average documentary.
Goran Berchard’s dissection of the ‘Mats career got seemingly everyone and anyone in it – from rock critics (Jim DeRogatis, Ira Robbins, Robert Christgau) to actors/celebrities (George Wendt, Tom Arnold) to casual fans of the band.
What’s missing from the movie (intentionally, of course) are interviews with  actual members of the band – there are only photographs of Bob, Chris, Paul and Tommy. Peter Jespersen, longtime manager of the band (who, much like Bob, was eventually fired) doesn’t appear anywhere in the movie as well.
Oh, and “Obsessed” also features none of the ‘Mats music (or any music, for that matter, save for an occasional guitar effect between different parts of the doc).
I suspect that this kind of strategy might turn off some of the newcomers to the band, since they would require a lot of explanation on the role that the likes of Dave Pirner, and Husker Du (those other MN heavyweights) played in the overall scheme of the ‘Mats business.
If you’re already familiar with the band, however, “Color Me Obsessed” is a visual treat – its full of humor (of both black/odd variety and traditional kind) and emotions. Its also a good reminder why ‘Mats still matters despite being long gone from the stage (especially if you’re willing to look past the abysmal sales of the recent reissues of their albums).
“Color Me Obsessed” also generated some peculiar questions from this particular owner of a pair of ears – some of which were answered during a Q&A session with Goran and some of which weren’t.
1. When are we going to get a documentary on Husker Du?
Hint: Both Greg and Grant from Du are present in the movie, while Bob (perhaps not surprisingly, provided his strained relationship with the other two) refused to be interviewed for “Color Me Obsessed”.
2. I get a distinctive feeling that there are two Brian Fallons in this world – both of them play in the same band called The Gaslight Anthem. Is that so?
Note: Mr. Fallon appears in a movie and talks at length about his experience of growing up with ‘Mats.
In a recent interview, he took his words back and pronounced  that the Replacements are not that good.
So which is it, Brian? Can’t have it both ways.

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