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Tree No Leaves – Peer Pressure/Mass Euphoria / Asorta Story (album) / Hallows (Single)
TNL is  a trio of Dustin Ray, Sarah Nicole and Matt Novak, who describe their music in the following way:

We are travelers of the aural unknown, riding the limitless wave of newborn soundscapes into the collective ear. These sounds look to travel into the mind spaces of those who hear its voice and in that exchange there is a hope to inspire and share in the artistic creativity that we all experience together. The vibrations of life are apparent all around us and these noises we hear are a pathway into this unlimited communication.

All of the band’s material is available for download via the band’s Bandcamp page, including 2009 “Peer Pressure / Mass Euphoria” and 2010 “Asorta Story” albums.
Tigon – EP / Seven Inch / Scylla Tape
Tigon is a five-piece from San Francisco who received comparisons to the likes of Deadguy, Botch and Converge. Their material is available for streaming via the band’s Bandcamp page.
Further Points of Interest: Built On A Weak Spot / Elementary Revolt
Feastoffetus – Metamorphosis |: A Thousand Mouths ||: The Phoenix And The Tempest |||: Crown of Stars (Single)
FoF is Jess Cron whose music was described as a trip through “haunted Moroccan street fair”. The single “Metamorphosis” off of his latest album “Blood Pheasant” is available for download via the band’s official site.
Further Points of Interest: Twitter / MySpace / Muxtape

Funeral Club – Whiskey & Clyde (Single)
Formerly known as Grizzly Owls, FC is a duo of Joseph and Jenny Andreotti.
“The Andreotti’s were inspired to begin Funeral Club by their grandparent’s journey from Oklahoma to Bakersfield, California during the great Dust Bowl migration, 1960s spaghetti westerns, David Lynch soundtracks, and the late 70s punk movement. Their grandparent’s stories, the desolate scenes and sounds from the spaghetti westerns, the beautiful music found in Twin Peaks, and the raw intensity of the early punk aesthetic, continue to inspire Funeral Club. ”
Their most recent record is 2010 “The Year Of The Bloody Sevens” – their second full-length overall. The band offers a download of the album’s single “Whiskey & Clyde” – get it here.
Further Points of Interest: MySpace

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