Download – ZnO Noisecast: January 2011
Download – ZnO Noisecast: January 2011

Download – ZnO Noisecast: January 2011

ZnO is a website/blog of the musician Mark Ashworth and more recently he produced the first podcast…or noisecast rather.
Vol.1 includes an excellent collection of 7″ singles from the early 90s. ¬†You can get it here or read more detailed report on all the singles included here.
A complete list of singles included in the podcast/noisecast:
Honor Role – Purgatory
Zeni Geva – Disgraceland
Fudge Tunnel – Cat Scratch Fever
Butthole Surfers – Jimi
Jesus And Mary Chain – Rollercoaster
Silverfish – T.F.A.
Dinosaur Jr. – Bulbs Of Passion
Sonic Youth – Come and Smash Me Said the Boy With The Magic Penis
Scorn – Soleil Noire
Headbutt – Stomach Swab
Melt Banana – Too Rough To Scoop
Pussy Galore – SM57
The Locust – How To Become A Virgin
Sun Ra – Out There A Minute
Brainiac – Cookies Don’t Sing
70 Gwen Party – Get Sick On The Beach
Arcwelder – Raleigh
The Pushkins – Lotuseater
Barkmarket – I Drown
Drive Like Jehu – New Math
Rodan – Milk and Melancholy
Edsel Auctioneer – Our New Skin
Bailter Space – The Aim
Thee Hypnotics – Love in a Different Vein
Shudder to Think – Vacation Brain
Shellac – XVi
God Machine – What Time Is Love? (KLF cover)
Needless to say – this is a must for anyone into 90s noise/indie scene!


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