Download Vault – Boston Edition – RIBS + Banditas + Red Bellows
Download Vault – Boston Edition – RIBS + Banditas + Red Bellows

Download Vault – Boston Edition – RIBS + Banditas + Red Bellows

RIBS – Hard-rocking  Boston quartet whose “British Brains” EP earned them comparisons to anyone from Deftones to Queens Of The Stone Age to Muse. They were also described as a “less depressing Joy Division” by Playground Boston.
Check out “Even” – lead track off of “Brains”. Its nearly impossible to forget the chorus once you’ve heard it.
Stream/download/buy “British Brains” via Bandcamp, Amazon or Itunes.
Further Info: Facebook | Last.fmMySpace | Twitter
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Banditas – Cambridge trio led by Haley Thompson-King. Imagine a crossover between The Shaggs and The Supremes (with a dash of country twang) and you’re halfway there.
Vocals on “Get Behind Us”, their debut EP, could’ve been mixed a bit better, but otherwise its a solid and original record.
Get their debut EP via Bandcamp.
Further Info: Facebook | MySpace
Red Bellows – “The alternative/progressive style of Boston’s Red Bellows is unique and ultimately extremely promising. Rising from the ashes of the beloved Plastic Reverie, singer Marc Pellegrino and guitarist Sean McDermott have evolved into the mystically haunting Red Bellows with their exceptional new drummer Don Taylor. Progressive tendencies creep their way into lush psychedelic passages that create songs as intelligent as they are memorable. Creative time signatures swirl with ominous guitars and thick grooving rhythms, as Pellegrino’s voice naturally resonates through the music’s twists and turns.” (Exploding In Sound)
Download the band’s single “L.S. Blues” via their Bandcamp page.
Further Info: FacebookMySpace | Twitter


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