Download – Solid Melts Summer Compilation 2010: An Empire Of Fun
Download – Solid Melts Summer Compilation 2010: An Empire Of Fun

Download – Solid Melts Summer Compilation 2010: An Empire Of Fun

Solid Melts Summer Compilation 2010 An Empire of Fun

“An Empire Of Fun” is a collection of 25 tracks from artists affiliated with Lawrence, Kansas record label Solid Melts

Solid Melts, a Lawrence, Kansas label with tapes under their belts from the likes of Expo 70, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, and a handful of other midwesterners, just announced a wide-open summer sampler that pulls from across these great United States, with 25 tracks from recent faves C V L T S, BFFs Coasting, New Joisy’s Julian Lynch in destructo mode, Philly’s Hermit Thrushes, names that remain only legends to us (Back To The Future The Ride!) and even better, total mysteries (Yuppies are pretty sick!). – Impose Magazine

Note – since the original compilation is no longer available, we put together corresponding Youtube/Bandcamp playlists. 


  1. Bird Names – Peace for Recorder

  2. Viking Fuck – 21

  3. Yuppies – 665

  4. C V L T S – corpus dei

  5. Coasting – Discover

  6. TEAADORA – Languageless Pre-agriculture Culture

Teaadora Nikolova (born May 20th, 1986) is an American singer and artist, known for art performance, and her minimalist lo-fi droning abstract songs.

  1. Katrina Stonehart – overpass

KS is a solo project of Drew Gibson (Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Solid Melts)

  1. Prussia – You Don’t Mean That Much, Relax

  2. Big Dogs – Ralphie

  3. Vehicle Blues – Campbell and Potomac

  4. Expo 70 – Electric Waves

  5. Lazy – Who Could Break Your Heart

  6. The Great Valley – My House

  7. Erasers – You Can Take Better Care Of Yourself

  8. Julian Lynch – Sifflements, Ronflements, et Renâclements

  9. Back To The Future The Ride – To Truly Know The Past

  10. Swimsuit – Mongoose

  11. EarthMasters – Deathcult

  12. Hermit Thrushes – Little Crow

  13. Royal Osprey – The Tower

  14. The Tanks – I Can’t Believe I Broke Edge Again

  15. Goodwillies – On The Fourth Level

  16. Cloud Nothings – Dead People

  17. Kevin Greenspon – Sundowner Lane

  18. Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk – Freesoup

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