Download – I Heart Noise Compilations
Download – I Heart Noise Compilations

Download – I Heart Noise Compilations

In addition to being a blog, I Heart Noise is also a digital label which regularly puts out compilations of tracks submitted by friendly artists.
Check out I Heart Noise on Bandcamp to get all the compilations or see a breakdown below to grab comps individually
Theory Of Everything – 50 tracks. Featuring Glorie, Zorch, Poino, The Implicit Order, Pink City, A Fashionable Disease, Boogie Monster, Hopewell, Civil Civic and more.
Released in January 2012. Artwork by Larry Joe Treadway.
Circle Of Friends – Vol. 1: Facebook – 8 tracks. Featuring Sunken Landscapes, Abram Taber, Aeon Solaris, Jenova 7, ENE, freesoulJAH, ZnO and FEASTofFETUS.
Released in February 2011. Artwork by Frank Germano.
Boston Not LA – Collection of music from local/Boston artists. Featuring Ghost Box Orchestra, Skyjelly, Walter Sickert & The Army Of Broken Toys, Craig Robertson and more.
Released in November 2010.
Gone In 60 Seconds / Gone In 60 Sec.: Uncut – Collection of short / 1-min tracks. Featuring ENE, Scrapbooker, Finneyerkes, False Awakening, Down I Go and more.
Released in August 2010. Artwork by T.D. Flynn / Frank Germano.


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